Edward  Alden  Bailey


Bailey House, Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii

 Edward was a Protestant missionary from Holden, Massachusetts who was assigned the headmaster of Wailuku Female Seminary in 1812. He and wife Caroline traveled 168 days to Hawaii from Holden by sailing ship around the tip of South America. They were married only two weeks when they left Massachusetts. Caroline was pregnant with son Edward upon their arrival in Hawaii. Edward was known for many talents that included being a teacher, history writer, surveyor, artist and farmer. They lived in their family home in Wailuku, Maui for 50 years. The home is now part of the Maui Historical Society, Bailey House Museum and has been added to the National Register of Historical Houses in 1973 as well as the Hawaii State Register of Historical Places in 1981. The Bailey House tour pamphlet has a quote of a person observing Edward Bailey:


"Mr. Bailey has a very fine house with a beautiful garden handsomely laid and of considerable extent. The most beautiful place I have ever seen. All kinds of trees such as the fig, banana, guava, citron and a number of our own species which he is trying to cultivate. Flowers of all kinds which will grow here with exotics, vines, and shrubs, all displaying much taste in their arrangements." Mary Brewster, 1847.




The following was submitted by Geri Bal Richardson


Edward and Caroline Hubbard Bailey sailed from Boston on the barque, Mary Frazier on December 14, 1836.  They arrived in Honolulu April 9, 1837. Prior to their marriage, Edward attended Amherst College and Caroline was a tailoress.  Written records show Caroline and Edward were stationed in (missionaries) Kohala, Hawaii in 1837; Lahainaluna, 1839 and Wailuku Female Seminary in 1840 - 48.  Caroline and Edward left the mission in 1855 due to financial problems.  They worked as teachers and in the sugar business.


At the time of his death in 1903 Edward Sr. was the oldest living missionary sent to Hawaii between 1820 - 50 by the American Commissioners for the Foreign Missions.


Edward designed and built a water powered mill for sugar and wheat in Wailuku. The business developed into the Wailuku Plantation.  He was also an active participant in starting the Haiku Sugar Company.  He wrote and published a long narrative poem, Hawaii Nei.  He taught music.  He aided in the practice of medicine although he had no medical degree. He created the girls school in Makawao known as Maunaolu Girls School.  He was the architect of the old stone church in Wailuku.  He surveyed native kuleanas.  He painted landscapes in oil, (many of which are on display in the Bailey museum at Wailuku).  He designed the Lahainaluna token currency and some can be found in the Floyd Fitzpatrick collection in Honolulu.


Edward and Caroline and their sons, other than Edward Jr. who was married to Emily Kania, moved to California in 1885, possibly 1888.  Caroline died at 518 Charter Street, Oakland, California on June 10, 1894.  Edward died March 31, 1903 in Alhambra, California.  He and Caroline are buried at the Mt. View Cemetery, 5000 Piedmont, Oakland, California in plot 33, lot 15.  I visited this site November 1997 and have photographs.  Buried with them in the Bailey plot are the following:

1.  William H. Bailey

2.  Anna Hobron Bailey

3.  Baby Bailey

4.  Benjamin V. Bazata 1868 - 1932

5.  Minnie H. Bazata  1878 - 1952

6.  Warren Olney III  1904 1978


January 19, 2002 I visited the cemetery for the second time.  Since my last visit, Elizabeth Olney is now buried in the Bailey plot with a date of death for the year 2000.  I obtained more information regarding the Bailey plot.  It is owned by the estate of William H. Bailey, Caroline and Edward's son.  The infant buried next to William and Anna Hobron Bailey is actually the child of Benjamin and Minnie Bazata.  Records show that the first person buried in the plot was Mary E. Sharrett in April 1892.  There is no visible marker for her.  Burial #3 was James Bailey who I assume was James, son of Caroline and Edward.  Records show he was removed to the California crematory in 1917 but there is no information on the disposition of his ashes. Other historical documents show James died in 1891, so it is unclear as to what occurred with burial #3.


Per death certificates from the State of California which I received in 1998, Minnie was the daughter of William and Anna Hobron Bailey. Benjamin, her husband, was a minister born in Prague, Bohemia and Warren Olney III was married to an Elizabeth Bazata, the daughter of Benjamin and Minnie Hobron Bazata.


In December 2001 I came into contact with Antonia Bazata, grand daughter of Benjamin's brother.  Antonia lives in Florida and has provided additional information on the Brazata branch.


December 26, 1999 I viewed old maps at the Oakland Public Library on 14th St. in Oakland.  Per these maps, 518 Charter Street (where Caroline died) later changed to 22nd Street.  The present day 22nd Street is not the same as the 22nd Street in Caroline's day.  It appears West Grand Avenue is today's Oakland was Charter Street and then 22nd Street in Caroline's day.  This was the location of her death.


On December 26, 1999 I visited this location and it is a Taco Bell restaurant.


Insurance records from the Public Library show that in the 1890's Caroline and Edward did not own their residence in Oakland also obtained a page from a "directory".  It appears similar to our phone books today but provides more personal information.  It does have phone numbers and it lists a person's occupation, business and residence addresses.  In the case of a child, it lists "student".  I copied the page that showed BAILEY, E capitalist, r. 518 22nd Street.  The same directory shows Bailey, Charles A.; Landowner, office 20 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, residence 1387 Harrison Street, Oakland, and William H. Bailey at 1369 Jackson, and Miss Minnie Bailey at 1369 Jackson, Oakland.


The Oakland History Room at the library has actual death certificates from the 1890's.  I viewed and photocopied Caroline's original death certificate which confirms her residence address at the time of her death and states she lived at that residence for the five previous years.  This is consistent with other sources that state Caroline and Edward left Hawaii to live in California in 1888.



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