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A  Lively Company – Ashland Realtors

Real Estate in Ashland, Oregon.      (September 2001)


Operated by Ali and Claudia Lively, a mother and daughter team with over 24 years of combined real estate experience. Whether you are buying or selling, renting or relocating, or if you just need property management, we are excited to work for you.


Claudia has been in real estate for 21 tears in the Rogue Valley. She has earned several prestigious designations; CRB, CRS, and GRI.


Ali is a graduate from Southern Oregon University with a degree in Marketing. Her interest in real estate started when she was the property manager for the family company. After taking time out for college, she decided to make a full time commitment to real estate and property management.


488 North Main Street #2, Ashland, Oregon 97520

541 482 4200



Aaron Lively. In participation with the South Carolina ETV Awards Program, which travels through the State of South Carolina to promote its Reading Rainbow Young Writers and Illustrators Contest; Aaron Lively of the Bethel-Hanberry Elementary School in Blythwood, South Carolina was awarded the first grade prize for his winning entry, “Spiky and Henry” on May 7, 2001.


Adam Lively. Writer.

Blue Fruit. Atlantic Monthly Press, April 1989. Science Fiction time-travel.

The Burnt House. Simon and Shuster UK. May 1989. A blend of contemporary life in London with a science fistion slant.


American Medical Accounting & Consulting. Linda Lively, President and Chief Executive Officer. AMAC represents and consults for many hospitals, radiation oncologists, hospital-based physicians and freestanding centers nationwide.


Ms Lively received her Associate of Arts Degree in Journalism from the University of Florida, Gainsville, Florida in 1973. She received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology in 1977 from Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia, and completed her Masters of Science in Healthcare Administration at Mercer University in 1992. She is a member of the American College of Health Care Executives, the Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology, the Radiology Business Management Association and the Association for Community Cancer Centers.


Ms Lively’s experience encompasses over twenty years of comprehensive  accounts receivable management, directing acccounts receivable functions, account negotiations, revenue analysis, CPT-4 and ICD-9 coding, physician/patient liaison, and physician/third party reimbursement agency liaison. She is considered one of the foremost authorities on reimbursement issues in America. In March of 1995, Ms Lively traveled to Russia to work with the Petrov Oncology Institute in St. Petersburg.


Answer Lively. (horse) Answer Lively – champion 2 year old and winner of BC Juvenile, collective earnings total $ 8, 275, 482. From Halo sire of Sunday Silence, Saint Ballado, Southern Halo, and Devil’s Bag. Owned by John Franks and Hill ‘n’ Dale Farms of Lexington, Kentucky.  


Battle of Bunker Hill. The first shots in the Battle of Bunker Hill, 1775 came from the British Sloop Man-of-War, the LIVELY. Also, a Captain Samuel Gridley played an important part in the battle. Both the names of Lively and Gridley play important roles in the history of the Lively surname as well; Gridley being a rural community in California where many of the California branch of the Livelys originated. Here is the story:


Shortly after the skirmishes in Massachusetts at Lexington and Concord, April 1775, state militia from Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Vermont assembled in Cambridge and the areas surrounding Boston. For the British, General Gage and 6500 soldiers were in possession of Boston proper. The American force consisted of over 16,000 men but sickness and the absent brought the actual number of active soldiers closer to 9000. There were other problems; the American force was woefully short of gunpowder, having approximately 30 half barrels of powder beyond that carried in the horns of the citizen soldiers.


In the two months following Concord, efforts were made to bring organization to the rag-tag American Army. But the work was difficult and progress slow. By mid-June the army was still a collection of individual Militia regiments, headed by officers who were viewed more as neighbors of the common soldier rather than trained leaders. The Continental Congress was working on legislation to regularize the militia and see that they were paid, but by mid-June they still had not acted. To complicate matters, militia units were responsible only to their own militia commanders, who were, in turn, responsible to their own state governments. General Artemus Ward who was commanding general of the Massachusetts militia and was leading the largest contingent of troops, held nominal authority over the non-Massachusetts forces – leadership by prestige.


General Gage, on the other hand, considered his force too small to effectively attack the rebels and hold the countryside surrounding Boston. And he had realistic concerns that the surrounding heights of Dorchester and Charlestown could provide an excellent opportunity for the rebels to place cannon and threaten Boston. So, he began to plan measures to secure these strategic positions. But words leaked out and the Boston Committee of Safety recommended to Ward that he pre-empt the British move and seize Bunker Hill above Charlestown. Col. William Prescott was asked to lead a night mission to establish a redoubt on Bunker Hill. Together with 300 men of Prescott’s regiment, and parts of Ebenezer Bridge’s and Col. James Frye’s regiment, 200 Connecticut men under Capt. Thomas Knowlton from Putnam’s regiment and Capt. Samuel Gridley’s artillery company with two light guns, they set out at 5 pm in the evening of June 16th and assembled on the common in Cambridge. After a prayer they moved off quietly for the Horse’s Neck next to Bunker Hill.


The Charlestown peninsula is approximately one and a quarter miles long and lies between the Charles River on the west and the Mystic River on the east. On the north, the peninsula is joined to the mainland by a narrow neck which is only thirty feet wide at high tide. Bunker Hill rises across the narrow western end of the peninsula and at 100 feet high, dominates the Neck. Any fortification constructed there would be out of effective range of the British battery on Copp’s Hill in Boston and would be too high to permit elevation of shipboard guns in the harbor. To the south and east of Bunker Hill lies Breeder’s Hill, some 60 feet high gradually sloping to the harbor and Charlestown to its south and west.


Under cover of darkness, the American force crossed the Neck and moved up Bunker Hill. On the far slope the column stopped. An argument broke out among the leaders; Prescott asserted that Ward’s verbal orders had been to fortify the lower and more exposed Breeder’s Hill. Capt. Gridley, who was serving the role of engineer added to the ruckus contending that valuable time was being lost. At last the decision was made to make Breeder’s Hill the primary fortification and Bunker Hill the secondary fortification, if and when time permitted. The column moved on to Breeder’s Hill where, at its apex, Gridley staked out the outline of a redoubt approximately 132 feet square. As the clock struck midnight, the men began to dig.


Prescott sent a company to patrol the shore and another to stand by close to the town. About 4 o’clock, the lookout on His Majesty’s sloop-man-of-war, the Lively, with 20 guns, spotted the work on the redoubt and sounded the alarm. Captain Thomas Bishop immediately beat to quarters and opened fire. Bishop, who had recently been found guilty by court marital for deliberate neglect of duty over the disposition of proceeds of a captured Spanish ship, was determined not to be caught neglectful again. The Admiral of the fleet, sent a boat to stop the shooting but then seeing the problem for himself in the improving light, ordered his ships and the Copp’s Hill battery to open fire.


Gage called a hasty council of war. After exploring a number of options with Generals Clinton and Howe, Gage decided on an amphibious assault with a landing on Moulton’s Point below Breeder’s Hill.


In the meantime, Prescott’s men had consumed their one-day’s ration in the course of digging the redoubt and a lucky cannonball had crashed the two barrels of water that had been carried in. As the cannonade continued, the men in the redoubt began to question the wisdom of remaining under fire. In the light of day, British troops could be seen across the harbor assembling in Boston. Yet, Col. Prescott was determined to fight. He had already quelled the men’s fears by leaping to the parapet after the first man was killed by a cannon shot, and slowly strolling along its exposed top to demonstrate the relative lack of danger from cannon fire.


In the meantime, General Issac Putnam, who had ridden out to confer with Col. Prescott when the Lively opened fire, was riding back to Cambridge in search of General Ward to urge reinforcement of Prescott. But Ward was concerned that reinforcing Prescott would weaken his forces elsewhere and wanted to wait to learn where the British would attack. By 11 o’clock two British gondolas approached the Neck and began firing at anything that moved. By noon the British were in boats and Howe with about 1500 men, embarked at one o’clock.


Ward issued reinforcement orders to nine Massachusetts regiments, John Stark’s and James Reed’s New Hampshire regiments, and several artillery companies. All was confusion; each regiment moved as best it thought and all the time men and officers were disappearing to avoid the impending fight. The scene at the neck was chaotic; several Massachusetts regiments blocked the entrance fearful of crossing under direct cannon fire.


Col. Stark and Reed of the New Hampshire troops got the order to advance at two in the afternoon. Hastily assembling their men, they discovered that many were short of powder and shot. When the men were issued shot, more time was lost because the men had to size the shot to the proper caliber for their particular weapon. When the New Hampshire troops arrived at the entrance to the Neck and found the Massachusetts troops blocking the way, Major Andrew McClary pushed his way to the front and asked. “If Massachusetts didn’t happen to need the road just then, would they mind moving over to let New Hampshire through?” The Massachusetts men moved into the ditches.


By two, Howe had his troops landed and surveyed the situation and determined that he needed more men. He sent a boat back across to Boston requesting reinforcements. The artillery battery that had been brought over by boat was now deployed on the forward slope of Breeder’s Hill and had opened fire by 3pm.


By now two recently appointed American Generals had arrived on the scene: Dr. Joseph Warren and General Seth Pomeroy. Neither wished for command and asked but to be directed to where the fighting was expected to be the hottest. They went to the fortifications to observe.


By three, Howe’s reinforcements had arrived and he formed the men on line in three ranks.


Stark and the New Hampshire troops and some other units had arrived, and using a stone fence and placing hay between an existing fence and hastily assembled wood fence, extended the breastworks down to the waterline.


The British advanced.


Stark had placed a stake in the ground 30 yards in front of his fence and urged his men to wait until the enemy had passed the stake before firing. Prescott is said to have instructed his men not to fire until they saw the “whites of their eyes”.


On Bunker Hill a strange collection of men had gathered. Some who had straggled in from the Neck and others who had given themselves leave from the ensuing fight were there. General Isaac Putnam tried sorely to roust the men either to commence work on the Bunker Hill defenses or to go in support of Prescott and Stark. All his efforts, even threatening at sword point, were of no avail. The only regimental commander who was with him was Col. Samuel Gerrish, who, depending on accounts, was either trying to help Putnam or was hiding himself.


When the British closed to thirty yards the Americans opened fire with devastating effect. In some British companies 7 out of 10 were killed. The survivors stumbled back down the hill. When Howe returned to the bottom, he asked why the artillery battery had ceased firing while they were still approaching the Americans. To his chagrin he discovered that boxes of 12 pound shot had been sent over and his artillery had 6 pound cannons. Howe ordered them to shoot grape shot and sent back across the water for the proper ammunition. On Howe’s left the American Company, still in the town, had taken to firing into his left flank. The Admiral, having landed, suggested burning the town. Howe agreed. The Admiral returned to his fleet and ordered the firing of red hot shot into Charlestown; and the town of 400 buildings went up in a huge conflagration.


The British came on twice more with losses similar to the first assault; but the third assault succeeded, just barely, in over running the defensive wall. The men with Prescott being out of powder had tried to make do by braking the powder out of artillery casings and using scrap for bullets. Finally, in the midst of hand to hand fighting Prescott called a retreat and the survivors scrambled over the back of the fortifications. Joseph Warren, one of the Generals there to observe, was killed when he was shot in the back of the head.


Finally several more American Regiments traversed the Neck, and passing to the right of Bunker Hill laid down a covering fire for Prescott’s men. Soon the British advanced on them and were in a bloody stand up fight. Quickly, the troops obediently fell back turning time and again to lay down delaying fire permitting most of the men an escape across the Neck to Cambridge.


The British were exhausted. Pursuit was out of the question.


The British casualty report; 19 officers and 207 enlisted men were killed, 70 officers and 738 enlisted men were wounded. On the American side, numbers varied, but Ward’s record book showed 115 killed and 305 wounded.


C. Lively. Ph.D., University of Arizona, 1984. Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand, 1984-88, Postdoctoral Associate, Center for Theoretical and Applied Genetics, Rutgers University, 1989. Population biology; predatory-prey and host-parasite interactions.

812 855 1842     clively@bio.indiana.edu 


Charles Lively. Born, August 13, 1887, Weston, Lewis County, West Virginia. Democrat. Lawyer; vice chair of the West Virginia Democratic Party, 1928 – 39. Episcopalian. Member, Sigma Chi.


Chauncy King Lively. Born, May 23, 1919, Charloi, Pennsylvania. Son of Chauncy C. Lively and Grace King. Longtime fishing companion of, brother-in-law Aikey King. Reputation as fly maker and angler, wrote Chauncy Lively’s Fly Box, member pf Trout Unlimited and the Federation of Fly Fishers. Played music in his college band, Kay Lively, his trombone and Orchestra. Degrees in Science and Psychology. U. S. Army 1941. Brother; John and Richard – Sisters; Grace and Patricia.


Children of Chauncy King Lively and Grace king:        

        Anne Lively

        Claudia Lively.


Chauncy was born in Charleroi, Pennsylvania, May 23, 1919. He is the son of Chauncy C. and Grace King Lively. He grew up in Waynesburg in western Pennsylvania where his father was a psychology professor. Chauncy attended the college where his father taught and there, while taking freshman English, he met his future wife, Marion Aiken.


In college, Chauncy had a band: “Kay Lively, His Trombone and Orchestra.” I’m told by his daughters that Marion loved to dance but rarely got a chance because Chauncy was usually playing and if he wasn’t, he was standing by the bandstand watching the musicians. In his junior year he tried out for the Larry Funk Band – which was well known at the time. Chauncy toured with them on the east coast.


With degrees in science and psychology, but with a passion for music, he entered the army in 1941 and spent most of his service in Texas as a Master Sergeant and band leader. He married Marion in 1943 and after the war they returned to Pennsylvania and lived in the Pittsburg area. He worked for many years in radio and TV as a music manager, both scoring music and writing original music. He also played in many bands of the big band era when they appeared in the Pittsburg area.


In later years, Chauncy changed professions, moving into mortgage banking and insurance and worked in this profession until retiring in 1984.


Curt Lively. Professor of Biology, Ph.D. (1984) University of Arizona.

Department of Biology, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana 47405-3700, U.S.A.  clively@indiana.edu


a.   Evolution of sex and recombination.

b.   Evolution of parasite virulence

c.    Plasticity and polymorphism 


Cynthia Lively.  President of the IAAP, April 2000. The International Association of Administrative Professionals sponsers “Secretaries Day” covering 3.4 million secretaries and administrative assistants.


David Lively. Concert pianist (classical) for the BRTN Philharmonic.   



David Lively. Not much is known about David. He was a member of one of three pioneering familes that came to the Upper Santa Cruz Valley in California during the gold rush around 1850. The family eventually settled in the McGhee Ranch which was established in 1895. 


Dean-Lively Gallery.   Located in the historical district of downtown Edmond, Oklahoma. Voted one of the top galleries in Oklahoma City. Carries a broad variety of artwork and custom framing.  http://www.deanlivelygallery.com/dlwebsite/aboutuspg.html  


DeLee Lively.  Dancer and Broadway stage performer. Nominated for a Tony Award in 1995. Appearances:


A Chorus Line

Grand Hotel

Smokey Joe’s Café



Grand Hotel

A Chorus Line





They’re Playing Our Song


West Side Story

Dames At Sea 


Donald Lively. Professor of Law, University of Toledo.

Professor Donald E. Lively is the author of two books on Communications Law, Modern Communications Law, and Essential Principles of Communications Law, as well as numerous article and essays and reviews dealing with First Amendment, media, and regulation.


Prior to teaching at the University of Toledo College of Law, St. Thomas University, and Citypolytechnic of Hong Kong, Professor Lively was a member of Coghill and Goodspeed, P. C. (1982-84) and an attorney for the Des Moines Register (1982) and the Securities and Exchange Commission Office of the General Counsel (1980-1982). His other previous positions include Assistant Manager for Public Relations for Georgia Power Company and television journalist.


Professor Lively has also authored numerous books and articles on Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, and the Supreme Court. He received hos J. D. from University of California at Los Angeles; he earned a M.S. from Northwestern; A.B. from the University of California at Berkeley.



Edd Lively and the Movers. A blues music band from Texas. Theme; “How can I rock you”. Blues Band of the Year – Texas Music. The Best Blues/Soul Act Currently Working North Texas – Forth Worth Star-Telegram.


BIO: “I first heard Freddie King when I was sixteen.”  Edd Lively is yet another testament to the power of blues music; Texas blue in particular. From the first exposure as a young man, the blues would always be woven into the fabric of this young musician’s life in the south.


Edd Lively would later bloom into a unique blues musician in his own right, establishing his own place as a blues innovator, not imitator. Lively’s first groups were classic 1960’s rick bands playing covers from that period. He first achieved recognition with a group known as The Modds. Using their own unique influences, the band covered a Beatles song and made the Top 20 play list for KXOL, a local radio station, in 1965.


Lively honed his talents for guitar playing and singing through such bands as The Modds and The Continentals. Then, at the tender age of seventeen, Lively took his young family to Los Angeles to pursue a recording career.


Lively paid his dues with a few lean years in L.A. until he hit again in the form of a band named El Roacho toured as a support act for Freddie King. It was during this time that Columbia Records signed the band to a recording contract.


When El Roacho disbanded, Lively was tapped for the rhythm guitar position in Freddie King’s band. It was during his tenure with King’s band that Lively toured the world extensively and continuously until 1975. At that time, Lively left the band to pursue a solo career. During those fast paced years with Freddie King, Lively performed on several live European albums and video and television shows of that period.


1997 finds Edd Lively back on the front line of the blues scene. This time as a leader of his own band, Edd Lively and the Movers. The band will release a CD in the summer of 1997 entitled “You Don’t Get The Jazz, You Get The Blues.”


With a driving guitar lead and a cool blues groove all its own, Edd Lively and the Movers has proven to be one of the most powerful and influencial groups in the Texas Music Scene and Edd Lively himself continues to make a poignant and important contribution to the art form known as the blues.



Edward Lively/John Lively/Mark Lively Times - - A Few Christenings in England.  Christening records in England during this critical time period  may be considered clues to the research minded. Some of those are listed here:


Richard Lively: July 27, 1606 / Downton, Wiltshire, England. Father, Edward Lively.

Mary Lively: April 24, 1647 / Downton, Wiltshire, England. Father, William Lively; Mother, Alice.

Simon Lively: November 5, 1651 / Downton, Wiltshire, England. Father, William Lively

Sarah Liveley: May 24, 1663 / St. Michael Paternoster, London, London, England. Father, Walter Liveley

Margret Liveley: September 11, 1664 / St. Michael Paternoster, London, London, England. Father, Walter Liveley.

John Lively: 1670, Wiltshire, England. Father, William Lively; Mother, Dorothy.

Ann Lively: 1671, Wiltshire, England. Father William Lively; Mother, Dorothy.

William Lively: 1676, Wiltshire, England. Father, William Lively; Mother, Dorothy.

Samuel Lively: 1681, Wiltshire, England. Father, William Lively; Mother, Dorothy.

Judith Lively: 1697, Hampshire, England. Father, Thomas Lively; Mother Judith.

John Lively: 1699, Hampshire, England. Father, Thomas Lively; Mother, Judith.

Margaret Ann Lively: 1701, Hampshire, England. Father, Thomas Lively; Mother, Judith.

Mary Lively: 1703, Hampshire, England. Father, John Lively; Mother, Mary.

Thomas Lively: 1703, Hampshire, England. Father, Thomas Lively; Mother, Judith.

Ann Lively: 1706, Hampshire, England. Father, Thomas Lively; Mother, Judith.

Mary Lively: 1708, Hampshire, England. Father, Thomas Lively; Mother, Judith.

Ann Lively: 1712, Hampshire, England. Father, Thomas Lively; Mother, Judith.


Others born in the region but not at the correct time:

Mary Liveley: born 1715, father Adam Liveley, Lanc.

John Lievely: born 1715, father Bartholomew Lieveley, Lanc.

Sarah Lively; baptized 1723, father John Lively, mother Sarah, Hamp.

John Lively: baptized 1725, father John Lively, mother Sarah, Hamp.

Thomas Lively: baptized 1727, father John Lively, mother Sarah, Hamp.

Mary Lively: baptized 1730, father John Lively, mother Sarah, Hamp.

John Lively: baptized 1733, father Thomas Lively, mother Sarah.

Ann Lively: baptized 1736, father John Lively, mother Sarah, Hamp.

Elizabeth Lively: baptized 1738, father Thomas Lively, mother Sarah, Hamp.

William Lively: baptized 1740, father John Lively, mother Sarah, Hamp.

Elizabeth Lively: baptized 1744, father John Lively, mother Sarah, Hamp.

Thomas Lively: baptized 1744, father Thomas Lively, mother Jane, Hamp.

John Lively: baptized 1746, father Thomas Lively, mother Jane, Hamp.

Janet Lively: baptized 1748, father Thomas Lively, Hamp.

George Lively: baptized 1751, father Thomas Lively, Mother Jenny, Hamp.

Robert Lively: baptized 1755, father Thomas lively, mother Jenny, Hamp.

Sarah Lively: baptized 1757, father Thomas Lively, mother Jane, Hamp.

Ann Liveley: baptized 1765, father Charles Liveley, mother Jane, Staf.

John Lively: baptized 1777, father William Lively, mother Sarah, Warw.

Ann Lively: baptized 1779, father William Lively, mother Sarah, Warw.

John Livelay: baptized 1829, father Isaac Livelay, mother Susanna, York.

Joseph Lively: baptized 1858, father John Lively, mother Charlotte Ann, Suss.





Eric Lively. Actor. Born, July 31, 1981. One of five children; Eric, Jason, Robyn, Lori and Blake. Raised in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California, he was close to the glitter of Hollywood. His father was on the Dukes of Hazzard Show providing Eric with the inspiration to become involved in show business.


Film Credits:

American Pie – 1999

So Weird – 1999 (TV)

Sandman – 1998

Armed and Dangerous 1994 (TV)


Fairly Lively.   (November 2001)  A band offering traditional Irish music. “Fairly Lively delivers traditional Irish and original songs guaranteed to get your pulse racing and your feet moving. Base In Australia, Brisbane at local Irish pub, Dooley’s.  http://www.angelfire.com/ia/fairlylively/  



Famous Lively. Born 1857, Perry, Illinois. Parents were John and Jane Lively. Siblings:

a.      William Lively.

b.      Joseph Lively.

c.       Sarah Lively.

d.      Martha Lively.

e.       Mary Lively.

f.        John Lively.

g.       Ruth Lively.



Garnet Lievella Lively. Born August 7, 1904 in West Virginia. Father was Zelotes A. Lively, son of Jacob Lively (1850) and Margaret Smith. Zelotes was born May 17, 1880, Fayette County, West Virginia and married Lottie L. Tyree on October 29, 1899. She was born February 25, 1878. Garnet and siblings:

a.       Jettie Rosco Lively, born May 13, 1900.

b.      Jonas Gilman Lively, born May 9, 1902.

c.       Garnet Lively, born August 7, 1904.

d.      Orce Zabiel Lively, born September 3, 1906.

e.       Hellen Catherine Lively, born May 22, 1908.

f.        Dassie Pauline Lively, born April 14, 1910.  


George Lively. Building contractor, San Mateo, California. 1 800 569 6238 “We build on a strong commitment to workers and vendors as well as our customers.” Since May 1991.


George W. Lively. Mayor of Houston 1839. George Fisher was elected to the position of Mayor of Houston in a contested election which was later overthrown. A subsequent election showed Fisher the loser to George W. Lively, the third real mayor of Houston. The election was certified July 22, 1839 after a six-month contest. He served as mayor only until the end of the year when a Charles Bigelow succeeded him. A William T. Lively died at his house in September 1839 and we suspect some impact from this on his public life. We also know George W. Lively made frequent trips to New Orleans by boat.  

First arrived in Texas July 1837. Acquired land on a conditional certificate (class 2 – must have family), 1280 acres issued March 27, 1837 in Harris County; and an unconditional certificate issued January 6, 1851 in Harris County.




Gerald Lively. WRKF Public Radio, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Gerald started with WRKF in 1980 before it went on the air. For many years he worked “the board” from noon to 5:00pm every Saturday. Along the way he had a number of shows including A TOAST TO BROADWAY AND THE MOVIES, STARLIGHT MELODIES, SATURDAY POPS, SUNDAY POPS. Lively says he grew up with country music and rock and roll. Since then he has branched out into classical, opera, big bands and jazz.     glively@worldnet.att.net


Gloucestershire 1608 The names and surnames of all able and sufficient men in body fit for his Majesty’s service in the wars within the County of Gloucester; viewed by the Right Honorable Henry, Lord Berkeley, Lord Pieuntenant of said county, by Direction from his Majesty in the month of August 1608, in the Sixth Year of the Reign of James the First.  Lively surname and variations only:


Robert Lifely      Wetherington            Servant to Austen Hulls

William Liffely   Baunton                     Servant to Poole Byrt

Thomas Lifly      Childeswicham         Servant to Richard Bussel

John Lifoly          Easrleach Turville

Robert Lifoly       St. Lawrence Street   Labourer

William Lifoly     Arlington


Hattie Lively. Princeton University, Assistant to the Librarian. Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey 08544-1013. 609 258 4848.  At Wallace Hall.  lively@princeton.edu 



Jack Lively, a baseball player who played for the Oakland Oaks in the Pacific Coast League, and the Detroit Tigers.


His story is written by Steve A. Maze:

If you lived on the eastern edge of Cullman County, Ala., during the late 1890s, you might have seen a youngster throwing rocks at the Joppa Methodist Church. The young lad wasn't vandalizing the religious site – he was honing his pitching skills by throwing at a knothole in one of the boards on the side of the building. He couldn't afford a baseball and settled for tossing rocks. The young man's name was Henry Everett Lively, but everyone called him Jack.

He joined a Cullman sandlot team before playing with Joppa High School when he was old enough. It has been said that Lively threw so hard that he didn't need fielders behind him since no one could hit his fastball. His athletic prowess was so great that he was sometimes elevated above position players in the batting lineup, or even used as a pinch hitter—something that is almost unheard of today. Lively was a phenomenal athlete, and he was determined to make it to the major leagues. It wasn't long before minor league scouts began vying for his services.


Playing for a minor league team exposed Lively to a life outside of rural Joppa, Ala. He told Tyrus Bailey about his first trip away from home to play baseball.

"I went by horse and buggy to Cullman where I caught a train to Huntsville. The first time I saw electric lights was when I got to Huntsville."

Lively was playing for Montgomery in 1908 when he pitched a no-hitter against Little Rock. He faced 28 men during the game and only one opposing player reached base when Montgomery's center fielder dropped an easy fly ball. Lively would recall years later that the no-hitter was his greatest accomplishment in baseball. Soon, newspaper headlines were singing praise to the Joppa native. One read: "Lively is Pitching Best Ball in the South and is After Record."

Lively moved on to the California farm leagues and pitched for Oakland in 1910. The first night he arrived in town, however, Lively was running late and failed to meet his new teammates. He wandered about town all alone until 11 o'clock that night when he checked into a rooming house.

He paid for his room and while doing so, carelessly flashed the gold he was carrying. (Baseball players were often paid in gold instead of cash during that era.) Lively noticed a couple of hoodlums staring at him from across the room. He immediately knew he was being sized up for a robbery attempt. Lively hurried up to his dingy room and locked the door – hoping to get a good nights rest before joining the club the following day.

About 2 a.m., he was awakened by someone trying to fit a key into the lock of his door. The Alabama native had intentionally left his key in the lock to prevent anyone from inserting another key in the door.

After a few moments, several other people joined the first intruder and began rattling the door in an effort to shake the key out of the lock. Lively sprang from his bed and asked those on the outside what they wanted.

They said they were there "To see George." Lively knew this was a ploy to get him to open the door and told them to be on their way. As a matter of precaution he opened the window with the intention of calling for assistance should the hoodlums burst open the door. Instead, he found another man beneath the window who was also "looking for George."

Lively had no weapon with which to protect himself. Thinking quickly, he grabbed his baseball shoes and clicked the spikes together – imitating the sound of a hammer on a gun being cocked.

"I bet you'll tell me who's there now," Lively screamed. There was an immediate sound of footsteps beating a path down the stairs and away from his room. The Oakland recruit spent the rest of the night very much awake and changed his place of abode at sunrise.

"It's a mighty nice reception to give a stranger," Lively was heard telling a sportswriter the following day.

The Alabamian had a phenomenal year for Oakland in 1910. He started 54 games, completing 52 and winning 33. Newspaper headlines screamed: "Lively Was an Enigma," and "Lively is Leading League Pitcher." The pitching phenom soon caught the attention of the Detroit Tigers, and they bought his contract for a reported $3,000. Several teams were trying to obtain Lively's contract from Oakland, but Detroit Tiger manager Hugh Jennings wanted to win the pennant in 1911 and felt the big right hander would help them do so.

But there was to be one more newspaper headline that would come back to haunt Lively later on. It read: "Sixteen Inning Game Stopped by Darkness." Lively pitched the entire 16 innings and years later would say that his arm felt "heavy" the morning following the game.

Lively's debut as a member of the Detroit Tigers was a 5-2 victory over the Cleveland Indians. He allowed only six hits against a good Cleveland team that included players such as "Shoeless Joe" Jackson and Napolean Lajoie. Lively struck out Jackson during a critical situation in the eighth inning. He then helped himself to victory in the bottom half of the inning by stroking a single.

It was during his stint with the Detroit Tigers that Lively became friends with one of the most famous players to ever step on a baseball diamond – Tyrus Raymond Cobb. Many of Cobb's own teammates despised him and the bad blood resulted in many fistfights between the "Georgia Peach" and other team members. The teammates, whom Cobb often referred to as "northerners," would often saw his favorite bats in half or nail his spikes to the wooden floor of the dugout.

Due to his negative relationship with his teammates, rumors have been circulated over the years that Cobb never had a roommate. That was not the case in 1911, however. Jack Lively was Cobb's roommate when the club traveled to American League cities for a game. Lively wondered how he wound up rooming with Cobb, but he heard that "Georgia Peach" requested him for a roommate. Being from Georgia, Cobb would have found it refreshing to hear the deep southern drawl in which his new friend from Alabama spoke.

Lively got along well with Cobb and never spoke negatively about him during his lifetime. In fact, he said that Cobb was the greatest baseball player who ever lived. Lively felt the negative feelings by teammates and other people who knew Cobb was due to his intensely competitive nature.

"Ty was very mild mannered in civilian clothes," Lively later stated, "but you didn't mess with him when he had his uniform on."

Lively witnessed Cobb go as high as six rows into the stands to fight a fan who had made personally offensive remarks toward him, and then come back onto the field to finish a game. He also saw Cobb click his spikes together in mid-air while sliding into a base.

Lively also remembered Cobb as being thrifty with his money. The two would shower at the clubhouse after a game before walking back to their hotel room. They would always stop outside the hotel and get a newspaper from a paper boy standing out front. Newspaper were two cents so Jack would flip the paper boy a quarter and let him keep the change since the tip was the youngster's only source of income. Cobb would give the boy a nickel and wait up to five minutes for the three cents change.

Lively and Cobb would eat dinner at the hotel after reading the paper, and then retire to their room. Once there, they had a friendly wrestling match to see who was the strongest. "The bed would go down first, then a table or chair," Lively recalled.

Cobb learned through roughhousing with Lively that he could get better leverage by wrestling barefooted. The baggy uniforms of the day hid Cobb's wiry, muscular body. "Ty was stout as a bull," Lively often said.

One day when they were eating at the hotel, a teammate—who was considerably larger than Cobb—came up to their table and challenged the future Hall of Famer to a fight.

"Let me finish dinner, and we'll go up to our room and settle this thing," Cobb responded.

The entire team was waiting outside the room when Cobb and Lively arrived. The other teammates were no doubt hoping to see the "Georgia Peach" take a severe beating. Lively smiled when he noticed Cobb slipping his shoes off when he entered the room. Cobb proceeded to beat the larger teammate to a pulp.

One of the benefits to being Cobb's friend was that many people wanted to meet the famous ballplayer. Cobb was invited to the White House in 1911 and asked Lively to go with him. They were shown into the executive offices of the White House and met by President Taft who warmly greeted them.

Lively started 14 games for Detroit that year and completed 10. Not only was Lively a hard thrower, he also threw a spitball, which was within the rules of the game at that time. He also claimed to have been the first major league pitcher to throw a knuckle ball in a major league game.

Lively finished the season with a record of seven wins and five losses. Not bad for a rookie pitcher, but hardly the exceptional year that was expected of someone with his talent. There was a reason for his pitching performance, but he couldn't tell anyone. His arm was hurting. In fact, it had never felt right since pitching the 16-inning game the year before. Lively feared Detroit would release him should they discover he was injured.

Lively started with Detroit in 1912, but was sold to Connie Mack's Philadelphia Athletics after the season began. One day while warming up in Philadelphia, Lively heard something pop in his arm. "It sounded like a .22 rifle shot," he said.

The arm injury ended his major league career, and Lively was devastated. Because of his genuine love for baseball, Lively went home and paced the floor like a caged lion. Lively's wife, Minnie, recalled that she was barely able to live with him during that period. After a failed comeback attempt, Lively moved to Birmingham, Ala., and went to work for American Cast Iron Pipe Company (ACIPCO).

Manufacturing plants such as ACIPCO would give former major leaguers jobs in order to get them to play on the company baseball team. Lively played with them for several years and managed the team later on.

During the mid-1930s, Ty Cobb got word to Lively that he would be coming to the Birmingham area on business and wanted to meet with his old teammate. Lively surprised everyone when he sent word back to Cobb that he would not be able to attend the meeting. Cobb had become a very wealthy man, but Lively had not fared as well financially. Lively's pride would not allow him to meet his former roommate under those conditions.

After retiring from ACIPCO in 1949, Lively moved back to Joppa. He later built a house just north of Arab, Ala., in order to pursue his favorite pastime – fox hunting.  Lively's wife died in 1966 and he went to live with his son, Bud Lively, a former major leaguer himself. Lively died in Arab in 1967. Both Lively and his wife Minnie are buried at Hebron Church of Christ cemetery outside of Arab.

Jack Lively never made it to the baseball Hall of Fame, but should there ever be a hall of fame for country boys who worked hard to make their dreams come true, he will surely be inducted.



Jack and Adam Lively.  Authors. Democracy in Britian: A Reader. Blackwell Publishers 1994, 320 pages. Traces the debate on representative government in Britian from its origins to the present.


 James C. Lively. Born, February 22, 1840, Tennessee. Married, (1) Sarah G. Claunch, November 11, 1873, Lincoln County, Tennessee; married, (2) Margaret Jane Risley, about 1890, Newton County, Arkansas; died; May 28, 1909, Newton County, Arkansas.


Sarah G. Claunch was born about 1853, Lincoln County, Tennessee; died March 7, 1880, Lincoln County, Tennessee. Daughter of James Claunch and Mary Jean.


Children of James C. Lively and Sarah G. Claunch:

a.       Willis C. Lively, born 1874, Tennessee.

b.      William Jabez Lively, born March 6, 1876, Tennessee. Married, Nina Lillian Dean, February 23, 1897, Newton County, Arkansas; died September 26, 1958, Newton County, Arkansas.

c.       McNewton (Mack) Lively, born, May 1879, Lincoln County, Tennessee. Married, Martha (Mattie) J. Dean, August 21, 1898, Newton County, Arkansas; died March 29, 1904, Cave Creek, Polk Twp., Newton County, Arkansas.


Janice LivelyHalifax Bedfor Basin. Married with three children. Attended Miss Murphy’s Business College receiving a medical Seretary degree. Worked for the Department of Anatomy at Dalhousie University. President of the Parent-Student-Teacher Group, Library Volunteer, member of the Site Based Planning Committee, Girl Guide Leader, Sunday School Superintendent and teacher. Authorized by the Official Agent of the Nova Scotia Party, Fred West.   g.j.m.lively@ns.sympatico.ca   


John Lively.  From a newspaper issued October 11, 1783, Hanover, Virginia.

“John Lively advertised that his wife, Constant, made an elopement from him about 12 months ago and went up and down the neighborhood to make him appear as ridiculous as she could; he will no longer pay any of her debts.”


John Lively - Athens, Ohio, 1830's.


John Lively hitched his two mules to the wagon as he always did only to discover that on this particular morning the mules decided to live up to their reputation for stubbornness. When he said, "Gitty-up" they refused to move. When he tried to lead them, they stood still. Exasperated, he pile some brush under them and set it on fire. The mules walked forward several feet to avoid the heat. This movement, of course, pulled the wooden wagon directly over the fire.  John desperately unhitched the mules and rolled his wagon from over the fire by himself. The mules nonchalantly walked over to the nearest grass and began grazing.


John Lively, wife Hannah White and children; William, Samuel, Jane, Silas, Hannah and Nancy. 



John Lively and Associates.

2611 Westgrove, Suite 108

Carrollton, Texas 75006

972 248 6055


Residential Design Firm. John Lively & Associates is a custom residential design firm specializing in all forms of custom homes. Designs range from small distinctive plans to large exemplary estate homes. We provide our customers with distinctive designs that will be as elegant tomorrow as they are today.


John M. Lively. City Council Member District 1, Chattanooga, Tennessee. The District covers the communities of Valley View, Wauhatchie City, Mountain Creek, and Northwoods North. John Lively can be contacted by phone 423 757 5333.


Kathryn Lively. Kathryn Lively was born Kathryn Ann Beyerle in Jacksonville, Florida in 1971. She attended Forrest High School on the Westside and Jacksonville University, where she served as managing editor of the school’s paper, the Navigator, in her senior year. After graduating with a B.A. in English 1993 and holding fast to her dreams of becoming a journalist, she immediately found work . . . in a bookstore.


A brief stint as a graduate student at the University of Georgia, where she went after marrying Malcolm Lively in 1994, failed, and Kathryn was left with no recourse but to find a job . . . in another bookstore. From there she went on to four years with the UGA Library, where she designed the original website for the Acquisitions Department. This task was her first true taste of the Internet, and from 1996 on she went crazy creating various websites.


Currently, Kathryn resides in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, where she works for Cox Interactive Media as a Search Engine Optimization agent. No children, no pets . . . not yet.


During her span of almost thirty years, Kathyrn wrote. She wrote silly stories as a child as Sacred Heart Elementary School, silly editorials as a journalism student at Forrest, and even sillier fan fiction stories seen throughout the internet. Amidst all the silliness, Kathyrn managed to sell her first short story when she was nineteen, and since then she has published short stories, poetry, greeting card verse and non-fiction articles to a variety of print and on-line publications and card companies. Some of these people actually paid her, too. 


Kathyrn’s first two novels were co-written with other people and have yet to see the light of day, which may be a good thing. Nonetheless, the experiences have helped her in writing LITTLE FLOWERS, her first solo effort and her first published novel (Highbridge Press, May 2001). She is currently working on a mystery novel.


Among Kathyrn’s list of honors include the third place award for Jacksonville University’s AQUARIAN fiction contest for 1992 and 1993, distinction as a student judge for the 1994 GEORGE FOSTER PEABODY AWARDS, and a listing in various WHO’s WHO publications. She is a member of the Catholic Writers Association and the HTML Writers Guild. She collects elongate coins and reads mystery novels.


Kathryn J. Lively.  kalively@indiana.edu

Doctor of Philosphy, Sociology, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee. Title: “Reciprocal and Joint Emotion Management among Paralegals in Private Law Firms: New Directions in Emotion Management and Social Support.” 1999.

Master of Arts, Sociology, Vanderbilt University, Tennessee. 1996.

Bachelor of Arts, Sociology, Magna Cum Laude, University of Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma. 1993.


Keith Lively. Keith Lively has joined San Francisco based Shansby Group as a general partner to help the company build its portfolio of midsized consumer products companies.


“Mid-market companies could use support beyond the financial support that many investment companies provide,” the 46-year-old Lively said. “They can also use management support.”


Lively and his colleagues bring a wealth of management experience to the table. Lively previously worked with the firm on the turnaround of the Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookie Co., which the San Francisco firm sold in 1992 for $61 million, a return of more than 20 times its original investment.


“Lively is an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur,” said J. Gary Shansby, the firm’s general managing partner and former chairman and CEO of the Shaklee Corp. Shansby said he plans to bring additional senior level executives on board in the coming months.


The firm’s portfolio of companies includes several health food companies such as Arrowhead Mills, a maker of organic grain-based products; DeBoles, a producer of natural and organic pastas; and Dana Alexander Inc., which makes a premium snack called Terra Chips.


The firm’s other portfolio companies include the Free-Style Group Inc., an importer of sports watches; Kasper Inc., a maker of personal care products; and Medtech Products Inc., which produces 11 over-the-counter products that were acquired from American Home Products Corp.


Lively credited the Famous Amos turnaround to successfully sharpening the cookie company’s focus. He no doubt understands the importance of focus, having spent the past five years in the driver’s seat of a race car. Lose your focus on the race track and it literally might be the last thing you do.


“It’s always been a passion of mine,” he said of his off-hours racing. “It gives you the opportunity to test yourself while providing a real dose of excitement.” (March 1997).  


Lester N. Lively. Born, Summers County, West Virginia. Republican. Candidate for West Virginia State House of Delegates from Summers County, 1956. Still living in 1956.



Linda H. Lively Linda Hathcock Lively, 57, died July 11, 2001 in Savannah, Georgia. The native of Savannah was a homeaker and a former employee of Holiday Wear Manufacturing. She was a member of the Red Dam Baptist Church in Hardeeville and the widow of Clayton Lester Lively. Survived by two sons and three daughters.  11 grandchildren.



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The Lively Arts Association is an organization dedicated to fostering an understanding of history through the vehicle of the performing arts.  LAHA is a non-profit corporation based in the San Fernando Valley. LAHA does not limit itself to one place or society, but takes the entirety of the human experience as its territory. Contact us.



Lively Baptist Church. Affiliated with the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada. Celebrating 50 years of God’s Faithfulness; 1951 – 2001.


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Lively and Crow Family History. As told by Pearl Doyle, Texas.


This is the maternal history of my lineage. My records begin in 1787 with a man named Joseph Lively. My first record of Joseph Lively is a Census of Virginia Personal Property Tax roll. In the Amherst County of Virginia 1787 tax roll, he is listed as paying taxes for himself and two sons (16-21 yrs). If I am reading this chart right, at this time he had two sons , no slaves either over or under 16, nine horses and 16 cattles or carriages. The two sons were mark and Johnm with Mark listed first. I have since discovered this Joseph also had a son named Joseph and he is the father of Anderson Lively. The next document I have is a will signed by himself and recorded in Spartanburg District, South Carolina. In the will written on March 18, 1825, recorded December 18, 1825, and proven on November 9, 1826, Anderson is to take care of his wife, Anderson’s mother, in the event she outlives Joseph. Unfortunately, her name was not mentioned. This tells me that Joseph’s wife was alive at the writing of the will and he probably died sometime in the latter part of 1826. I have an ancestor chart from one of Anderson’s descendants that says he was born about 1790.


There has been some controversy about which Joseph is the father of Anderson. There were many Josephs in the area at that time. Ms Evans, upon whose research much of my story is based, believes it was a different Joseph Lively than this one. She cites a reference to the book “Livelys in America” in which a Joseph Lively known as the “wheelright” or “wagoneer” as the father of Anderson. At this point I do not have any documentation as to which Joseph is the right one.


Anderson Lively married Mary Elizabeth Bryant who was born in South Carolina. It is said that he had 3 wives and 21 children. Elizabeth may have been his second or third wife. Her birth year is uncertain, but I think 1815 is going to be right. This is the date my sister gave to me years ago. I do not have the source of her information, but I have census records showing her as 45 years old in 1860, 55 years old in 1870 and 60 years old in 1880. Assuming women haven’t changed much through the centuries, I’m going to say that she had conveniently for gotten her age by 1880. At any rate, she was at least 25 years younger than Anderson. I have several documents from Zora Evans who is also a descendant of Anderson and Elizabeth. She has also come to this conclusion based on the 1820 and 1840 census records of Spartanburg, South Carolina. These census records indicate that there were 5 children before Anderson married Elizabeth. Ms Evans also has the Lively bible, which is in bad shaped and is very hard to read, but those records indicate she is at least the second wife. Ms Evans has set the date of Anderson and Elizabeth’s marriage as 1833 or 1834 since the birth of their first child, R. C. Lively (Carter), is in May 1835. Again, the exact date of his birth is in question because it is listed in two places in the bible. Under births and deaths it is listed as May 4, 1835; under marriages it is listed as Mat 24, 1835. It is interesting to note that on the first page of these births, Lively is spelled without the “e” but in the same bible under the other pages, the “e” is again present in the spelling. Other children listed in this bible are Martha Ellander, Jordan, Cynthia, Arrelia Emaline, Rosaner, and two names that are so illigible it’s hard to say what they are. One is S….aryan. I think this is Sara Ann, as she is later listed in the marriages. This girl would be 18 years old on the dtae of marriage. The other is …..B Lively, born April 1, 1854. I know this is my great grandfather Rueben Bryant Lively from the birthdate. As I have already said, Sarah Ann Lively is listed as married to John Wesley Bryant and there is a list of their children. Remember, Elizabeth Lively’s maiden was Bryant.


Another note on spelling: The records I have show her father to be J. R. Brian without the “t”, but with her name the “t” had been added again. Also the spelling bounces back and forth from Bryant to Briant. The document I have giving her brother the right to administer her husbands will is signed by Rueben Briant in his own handwriting. This seems to be the spelling on most records with the “t” added after Elizabeth’s generation.


Anderson and Elizabeth left Spartanburg, South Carolina some time in 1853. I have records showing where they sold the tract of land on which they lived on the Pacelot River in Spartanburg, South Carolina, August 8, 1853. This is a tract of land which he took out a grant on the 17th day of December, 1841. He made the exception of a small lot (opposite Mag Davis’ house) of about a quarter acre to be excepted out of the sale. The sale was registered and certified on September 29, 1853. They moved to Izard County, Arkansas where Reuben was born.


In 1860, Reuben Briant (this must be Elizabeth’s brother)

Petitions the court of South Carolina District of Spartanburg and recieves the right to adminter the will of Anderson Lively who “departed this life several years since” and is “late of the state of Arkansas”. He petitions the court of Spartanburg, South Carolina for the right to collect the money owed Anderson Lively for the sale of his property. On March 5th of 1860 the note is found and appraised by Elisha Poole, Gicf. Letsler and Eli Briant. This sets the date of his death some time between 1853 and 1860.


Mother Edna Moncrief tells the story that Rueben was only a year old when the Civil War broke out and his father died shortly before that. The story goes that Pearl Lively, my grandmother, remembers some northern soldiers coming through her grandmothers home and demanding food. When asked where her husband was she told them he was dead. One of the soldiers stated he remembered helping bury her husband just a few miles from there. As you can see, this story has some holes since we know that Anderson died before 1860 and the Civil War broke out in 1861. My grandmother was born in 1888 so she could not have remembered the Union soldiers, but I felt I must include it. Perhaps she remembers the story being told.


My next recods begin in Milam County, Texas where Reuben is married to Texanna Crow.


I do not have information during this 20 year period where my great grandfather grew up and moved to Texas.


This brings us to another branch of my family tree which is quite colorful. It includes a murder, a murder trial and a man named Crow being run out of town as a horse thief.


Texanna’s story begins with her grandparents James Walter Crow and Keziah M. Cornelius. Keziah is the daughter of William Cornelius and Mary Keath. There is a question mark in the records beside her mother’s name. I have the names of at least four of their children, Keziah M., Reuben Ragland, William, and Jester Clinton.


Nicholas Keith was listed in the marriage records of Union County, Illinois. The next recorded marriage was James Crow and Kezziah Cornelius, which took place on September 30, 1821. Nickolas Keith married Elizabeth Thorton on December 26, 1821. Both marriages were performed by William Echols, J. P. James and Kezziah’s was recorded on January 16, 1822. The copy I have of this information was blown up to show detail and the place was omitted. Another family page I have says they were married in Union Hill, Illinois. However, there is a Union County next to where they lived in Arkansas. I am checking into the source of this information to determine of there is a mistake in where they were married.


I have since discovered that they were indeed married in Union County, Illinois. Why they were there remains a mystery. Perhaps they went there seeking free land as this was about the time Illinois became a state. Peggy Williams told me that Nickolas Keath was Kezziah’s half-brother.


On December 1, 1830, James Crow bought land in Clark County, Arkansas. He later sold this land to Henry Cornelius in February 1834 and in November 1836 he received two certificates entitling him to purchase land in Hempstead County, Arkansas. One of these documents uses his full name James Walter Crow.


On July 17, 1838, James W. Crow was appointed administrator of Gilford M. Kisenby’s estate in Clark County, Arkansas. Another document shows Lisenby entering into Bond with A. J. Thorton and William Cornelius. This could have been the older William Cornelius, Kessiah’s father, or her brother.


The 1840 census for Hempstead County, Missouri Township, Arkansas lists four families in consecutive order with William Cornelius, James Crow, R. r. Cornelius, and Nickolas Keath as heads of households. There is one woman in William’s household age 50-60 years old. I believe this is his mother Mary Keath Cornelius. His sister Kexiah Crow lives next door. Her brother R. R. Cornelius, next to them and her half-brother, Nickolas Keath, next to them.


A page from the book “Clark County, Arkansas, Past and Present”, says a Dr. Willis S. Smith may have tought the first Sunday school in Okolona and Clark County in 1833. Among the families attending those classes were Crow, Cornelius, Lisenby and Keath.


In January 1841 a series of lawsuits against Keziah Crow, administrator for the estate of James W. Crow began. By April 1842 it was determine that the notes, not yet collected, would not be sufficient to pay the claims against the estate and she will petition the court to sell real estate belonging to the deceased. Finally in February of 1846, the property in Hempstead County, Arkansas was sold to pay the debts of James W. Crow.


A few years later in the 1850 census of Ouchita County, Arkansas, Township-Locust Bayou, Kezziah is listed living with her son Levi Crow. She was 45 years old. Also living with Levi were four of his brothers including Nickolas who was 16 years old.


In November 1854, Levi J. Crow sold land in Calhoun County, Arkansas.


On August 11, 1860, Johnson County, Texas, Nickolas married Elizabeth A. Williamson, who was a widow with a two year old daughter. She was listed as a domestic on the 1860 census of Johnson County in the household of John Franklin who was Nickolas Crow’s cousin. My G-grandmother’s birthday is August 19, 1857. Some records show her to be a stepdaughter of Elizabeth.


At least four of the Crow boys fought in the Civil War. James William Crow enlisted in Company C, 20th Texas Cavalry, CSA, March 10, 1862. His little brother, Jesse Jackson Crow, enlisted in the spring of 1862; Nickolas enlisted July 11, 1862.


After the war there were many indigent Civil War Veterans and widows in Texas. It seems my relatives were among them. From the beginning of the Texas Revolution, the Republic gave land to its veterans. Texas promised those who fought for her, 320 acres for three months service, and up to 1280 acres for one years service. After the Civil War, veterans were again given land in lieu of money. These Confederate Scrip certificates were issued by the Commissioner of the General Land Office after an applicant appeared before his county judge and established his eligibility. The public domain was almost exhausted and existed only in far west Texas. Land was cheap and often the grantee had to give one-half of the land away to get it surveyed. On August 8, 1881, N. K. Crow applied for a land certificate. His application was signed by J. Brian and J. W. Crow who vouched for his eligibility. On September 3, 1881, Nickolas was granted confederate scrip #746 . . . 79460-Bex-42854 for 1280 acres of land situated in Kinney County near Bracketville west of Uvalde, on Muela Creek a tributary of Chaparosa Creek. He sold his land scrip on the same day to C. E. Anderson for $80.00. On August 31, 1882, Woodhull Bros. Applied for entry and survey of 4 scrips including the one given Nickolas Crow. The land was surveyed on September 13, 1882 and filed October 6, 1882.


This is about the time Nickolas and his brothers migrated to Milam County, Texas. J. W. Crow is on the tax rolls as early as 1873. Mary J. Crow, a sister?, and Nickloas both paid taxes in 1874. That is the year Nickolas’s daughter, Texanna, married Reuben Lively. In 1881, J. A. Crow joined the tax rolls. The last year Niclolas paid taxes was 1883. He and Elizabeth seem to disappear after that.


From the appelate court records of the state of Texas, I have the trial of H. H. Hudson v. the State. On April 1, 1879, Jesse Jackson Crow went to Dr. Russell’s for medicine for his sick family. The road lay by the schoolhouse where H. H. Hudson was teaching school. After leaving Dr. Russell’s, Jesse went to Little River City where he stepped into Fletcher’s store. There he saw Mr. Hudson and was somewhat surprised because Mr. Hudson usually dismissed school quite late. From Fletcher’s store he went on to Hale and Wilson’s Saloon to get a bottle of whiskey. Again Mr. Hudson came into the saloon. Jesse and Mr. Hudson quarreled in public in February of that year. Jesse bought his bottle of whiskey and he and Dave Robertson, who lived in the same direction started for home. They had traveled some distance when Mr. Hudson came riding towards them. He caught up with them and they rode abreast until they came to the point where Robertson’s road diverged. At this point Robertson took a drink from Jesse’s bottle and left. Jesse offered Mr. Hudson a drink but he declined. Jesse told him, “If we can’t drink together, we can ride toether,” to which Mr. Hudson assented, saying he never refused to ride with anyone. They rode together in friendly discussion of a school matter about which they had previously disagreed. Jesse was one of the schoold trustees. When near the Thornton residence, Mr. Hudson checked his horse and Jesse turned to observe the cause. Then he was shot and left for dead. He remained unconscious for a time but recovered sufficiently to reach a neighbors house. He died nine days later.


The quarrel began when Jesse ask the teacher if he was spreading rumors that he, the teacher, had arrested his father for stealing horse. Mr. Hudson said he had arrested the father of one Zeke Crow for that offense and if Jesse had a brother by that name, then he had said it. Jesse merely answered that he had better “go slow” when he slandered his old father who had been dead for forty-two years. On the night of the murder, when they were discussing the school matter, Mr. Hudson asked Jesse why he thought he had not treated him right. Jesse replied, “I know you are no school teacher in the first place, and you married a prostitute.”


One witness said Jesse had threatened Mr. Hudson in the quarrel. Another said he didn’t.


In appealing this trial, the defense argued that the court had erred in knot letting them enter evidence that J. J. Crow was a dangerous and violent man. The appellate court ruled they did not think the lower court erred in this ruling. However, when the judge instructed the jury, he told them insulting words or gestures are not adequate cause in the legal meaning of the phrase. But insulting words or conduct towards a female relative of the party guilty of homicide, is adequate cause provided the killing took place immediately. The appelate court ruled that it would be just cause if the female were present but not if she were absent. Therefore, the judge misled the jury and the decision was reversed.


Another trial that I only have a partial transcript, involved William Crow, son of James and Sarah Jane Crow. This is Nickolas Crow’s nephew. William was only 18.  He and his sisters were attending a party at the home of a Mr. Singleton. He had been calling some sets for others to dance by.  When he took a break a man he didn’t know staggered up to him and told him he was imposing on an orphan boy. William told him he hadn’t been imposing and the man called him out to the yard to settle it. On the gallery he passed by William saying, “I’ll fix you.” He put his right hand under his coat as if to draw a weapon but seemed to have trouble getting it out. At this point William put his hand in his pocket pulled his knife and stabbed the man. William went inside and told his sisters he had stabbed a man and there was going to be trouble. He and the girls went out by another door, got into their wagon and went home. At home he told his mother what had happened and his parents told him to hide out until the sheriff came. The sheriff testified in this trial that he went to the home of William Crow and that William surrendered to him later that evening at his brother in laws home.I do not know the outcome of the trial because the transcript ended there. He must have been convicted because there was an appellate trial. In that trial, the court rulled that his mother’s testimony should have been admitted because he would certainly have told the truth since he went home within minutes of the incident. And would not have time to fabricate a defense.





Lively Chef Catering.     alivelychef@rmci.net   Boise, Idaho.  We cater all size events and will travel to any location. You may call or fix us at 208 389 9600 for a complete range of menus from breakfast, lunch, hors d’oeuvres to dinner. One call does it all. Call us today for more information or e-mail us.



Lively DJ’sLloyd Lively – DJ, KJ, VJ & Entertainer. Our DJ’s are more than just someone who stands behind his equipment and plays music. We can be as high energy and interactive as is best suited for your event. Whether it’s a corporate event, holiday party, wedding, pool party or prom, we can handle all your music needs. Music from the 40’s and 50’s, no problem. 15 years experience.  http://www.livelydjs.com/main.htm



Lively Foundation. The Lively Foundation Inc. is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt corporation. It devotes its energy to the production of artistic and educational programs in dance, music and related arts. Founded in 1983 by supporters of dancer-choreographer Leslie Friedman, The Lively Foundation has sponsored performance series which have consistently won acclaim from crtics and audiences alike.




Lively Hair Snaps. The stylish snaps that float in your hair!

Lively Hair Clips

Orlando, Florida 32854

407 884 6998


Lively Hair Snaps are the new line offered by Andrea Lively, designer and owner of Lively Hair Clips. The hair snaps are made using Swarovski Austrian Crystals, attiched to nickel clothing snaps. Five crystals are used on each snap to create the look of a small flower. Over 30 different colors are used to make the snaps, allowing numerous color combinations. The snaps easily “snap” into hair while the backing of the snap on the underside of the hair allows for a secure placement. The snaps do not damage the hair. They can be removed by separating the front of the snap from the snap back using your fingernail to open snap, or they can simply be removed from the hair by sliding the snap out down through the length of the hair.


They can be used with straight, curly or wavy hair and look great with French twists, braids, ponytails, hair pulled back with a comb or just added to styled hair.


Lively Hair Snaps were recently developed and designed for use in the filming of the ABC Movie of the Week, Sabrina Down Under. This movie was shot in May 1999 in Australia. The snaps were featured on the two female leads, including Melissa Joan Hart.



Lively Hearts Band. The Lively Hearts Band is an outreach tool of Calvary of Albuquerque comprised of Senior Pastor, Skip Heitzig; Assistant Pastor Paul Scozzafava; Sandy Dunn and Ken Riley, members of the fellowship of Calvary of Albuquerque.


The music of the Beatles changed the face of popular music with its unique sound and infectious melodies. Many of the songs the Lively Hearts plays are melodies from the Beatles, but the lyrics have been “redeemed” to convey the love of Jesus Christ for the world.



Lively Park Senior Activity Center.

915 N. O’Connor

Irving, Texas 75061

972 721 2496

Outdoor swimming pool, Playground, Picnic area, One-mile multi-purpose train, Water founrains, Lighted baseball field, Senior Center. $2 membership per year.


Lively Realty Ltd. Nanton, Alberta.  Established in 1984 by Linda Lively who had been operating as the Lively Insurance Brokers Ltd. In 1986 Linda’s husband resigned as manager of the local Canadian Bank of Commerce to join the company. Duane Smith joined the company in 1997 and in February 2001 Allison Lively, daughter of Linda and Harry joined the team. They carry a slogan: “We are Realtors who live in and care about our community!”   http://www.livelyrealty.com/aboutus/aboutus.html  


Lively’s Livery. Horse and Carriages, Weddings, Wagon Rides, Covered Bridge Tours, Wedding Photos, Rare American Cream Draft Horses.

B. David and Nancy H. Lively.

193 Crossover Road

Bennington, Vermont  05201

802 447 7612


We strive to keep safety our top priority. This means trainign out horses to behave under a variety of situations, albeit traffic, covered bridges, balloons and umbrella’s. You should feel confident that your carriage ride will be safe, as well as elegant and . . . fun.


Dave Lively, your Coachman has over twenty years of experience in the wedding business. I pride myself on displaying a pleasant personality and a demeanor worthy of your trust. Again, we stand alone as a service with class and character.


Nancy Lively, Groom is always there to assist, and assure you that everything and anything you need to be comfortable is there – from a champagne toast, a CD, a blanket or even a Kleenex.


Lively Livers.  An organ transplant organization. Lively Livers members are transplant recipients, family members of recipients, health care professionals and corporate representatives interested in providing emotional support, encouragement and assistance to patients and their families during their wait for a liver transplant and during the post transplant recovery.


Lively Livers members take advantage of opportunities to spread the word about organ donations through work as hospital volunteers, serving as a community resource for speakers, health fair booth attendants and committee members for various organizations with similar interests in the organ and tissue donation cause.


Lively Livers offers information and support for transplant recipients and their families through the Lively Livers Newsletter, quarterly social events with speakers and other activities designed to increase awareness. http://web2.iadfw.net/jharwood/about.html


Lively Lobsters.com   Kingston, Rhode Island, 877 539 6646. LivelyLobsters@Mail.com

We are dedicated to selling top quality New England live lobsters at the guaranteed lowest price. Our highly acclaimed lobsters are superior decause they are caught fresh each day by our own lobstermen. Why buy from gourmet markets who source through distributors or tank their lobsters for weeks? We catch, inspect, pack, and ship our delicious product the same day directly from the docks! Your order will arrive alive and kicking, nestled in icy gelpacks and a reusable cooler, just hours after leaving the ocean. Each lobster delivery includes cooking and eating instructions, recipes, and more.


"Lively". American Hertiage Dictionary – definition: 1. Full of life; vigorous; energetic. 2. Full of activity, spirit, or excitement. 3. Exhibiting or characterized by intellectual or emotional activity; intense; keen. 4. Exhibiting or inspiring liveliness; gay; cheerful. 5. Effervescent; sparkling. 6. Invigorating; brisk. 7. Bouncing readily on impact; resilient as a ball.


Webster Dictionary of 1913. 1. Endowed with or manifesting life; living. Chaplets of gold and silver resembling Lively flowers and leaves.  2. Brisk; vivacious; active; as, a lively youth. But wherefore comes old Manoa in such haste, with youthful steps? Much livelier than erewhile he seems. 3. Gay; airy; animated; spirited. From grave to gay, from lively to severe. 4.  Representing life; lifelike. I spied the lively picture of my father. 5. Bright; vivid; glowing; strong; vigorous. The colors of the prism are manifestly more full, intense, and lively than those of natural bodies.


In Wine Tasting: used to describe a young wine with a fruity acid quality, sometimes with a small amount of carbon dioxide.


Lively Communities.

    Lively, Fayette County, West Virginia. Named Roseville before the named was         changed to Lively

    Livelyville is (was) a community about 4 miles east of Grapeland, Texas. Named after Thomas and  Janie Lively back in the 1700’s.

    Lively Crossing, Wetzel County, West Virginia

    Lively, Hempstead, County, Arkansas

    Lively, Caldwell Parish, Louisiana. Frank Lively and son; Cuny Lively and son Freeman Lively all lived, died and are buried in the Lively cemetery there beside the Ouachita River.

            Lively, Dallas County, Texas. Possible name from the Bluff View Cairy Farm there owned by Jack Lively in 1933-34.

            Lively Grove, Washington, County Illinois

            Lively, Benton County, Missouri

            Lively, Texas which is located in Kaufman County, according to the Texas Index of Landmarks and Vanished Communities. Lively is a populated place with an elevation of 430 feet and appears in the NE section of Texas near the Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma state lines. Lively was the location of a natural gas pipeline explosion in August 1996 that killed two men. It is reported to be small, is between Peeltown and Kemp, and there is one cemetery there and it has two graves;  (1) Amanda Elizabeth Lively 1830-1896, (2) Rev. Louis P. Lively 1819-1906

             Lively, Virginia was named after a farm in the area, Lively Oaks, which was owned by Thomas Norris in 1817 and for years after. Some say the “Oaks” was dropped by the Post Office when it opened a branch office there.


Lively Lures.  Lively Lures has been manufacturing lures in Australia for well over a decade. Lively had eveloped a reputation for moulding lures that stand up to the rigging and fishing in some of the world’s harshest fishing conditions to the world has to offer.


Allen Dolan the man behind Lively Lures is a top sport fisherman in his own right. When he is not making lures, he is out testing them. www.samuraisportfishing.com


 Lively Motorparts Ltd. Fulham Road, London, England. Established in 1955.


Lively One II. Captain Ed Lively, Pensacola, Florida, has been an avid fisherman for 18 years. Besides being a successful fishing guide and the operator of a successful charter business, Ed hosts a weekly fishing radio show. Ed’s brother, Stan Lively, is first mate on the charter boat, Lively One II.  The Lively One is a 55 foot twin diesel vessel out of Pensacola Beach, Florida. You can find them at:  www.livelysgulfcharters.com


Lively & Partners Consulting Network. 1 888 844 LPCN  Offering the best Pacific Northwest provider of premier technical consulting services that facilitate, integrate and implement electronic commerce and information technological solutions.


Lively - Registered Voters for 2001, England

Lively,Avril,216,,Wellington Road,,,EN1 2RL,,Enfield,Middlesex

Lively,Emma,216,,Wellington Road,,,EN1 2RL,,Enfield,Middlesex

Lively,Joanne,6,,Briar Crescent,02087236135,,UB5 4NB,,Northolt,Middlesex

Lively,Alan,160,,North Orbital Road,01895832033,,UB9 5HA,Denham,Uxbridge,Middlesex

Lively,Barbara,160,,North Orbital Road,01895832033,,UB9 5HA,Denham,Uxbridge,Middlesex

Lively,Alan W,160,,North Orbital Road,01895832033,,UB9 5HA,Denham,Uxbridge,Middlesex

Lively,Barbara P,160,,North Orbital Road,01895832033,,UB9 5HA,Denham,Uxbridge,Middlesex

Lively,Stephen,36,,Linnel Drive,,,NE157LJ,,Newcastle Upon Tyne,

Lively,Deborah A,5,,Pauline Gardens,,,NE157TD,,Newcastle Upon Tyne,

Lively,Michael G,5,,Pauline Gardens,,,NE157TD,,Newcastle Upon Tyne,

Lively,Stephen,4,,Troves Close,,,NE4 8HB,,Newcastle Upon Tyne,

Lively,Eleanor,15,,Warwick Road,01912671928,,NE5 2BS,,Newcastle Upon Tyne,

Lively,Sharon L,19,,Lilburn Road,,,NE270QB,Shiremoor,Newcastle Upon Tyne,

Lively,Carol Anne,20,,Heath Road,01223811895,,CB5 0LS,Swaffham Bulbeck,Swaffham,Norfolk

Lively,Christopher,20,,Heath Road,01223811895,,CB5 0LS,Swaffham Bulbeck,Swaffham,Norfolk

Lively,Sally,30,,Manuel Street,,,DN146TH,,Goole,North Humberside

Lively,Alan C,5,,St Margarets Road,01423865384,,HG5 0JS,,Knaresborough,North Yorkshire

Lively,Betty,5,,St Margarets Road,01423865384,,HG5 0JS,,Knaresborough,North Yorkshire

Lively,Sally-Anne,9a,,South Street,,,YO112BP,,Scarborough,North Yorkshire

Lively,Bernard F,12,,Tems Street,01729822736,,BD240BT,Giggleswick,Settle,North Yorkshire

Lively,Winifred F,12,,Tems Street,01729822736,,BD240BT,Giggleswick,Settle,North Yorkshire

Lively,Tammeaka L,27,,Leeson Crescent,,,NN156SY,Barton Seagrave,Kettering,Northamptonshire

Lively,Wayne A,27,,Leeson Crescent,,,NN156SY,Barton Seagrave,Kettering,Northamptonshire

Lively,Dianna L,9,,Prince Rupert Avenue,,,NN142PH,Desborough,Kettering,Northamptonshire

Lively,David,14,,Skipton Close,,,NE226NP,,Bedlington,Northumberland

Lively,Nichola,14,,Skipton Close,,,NE226NP,,Bedlington,Northumberland

Lively,James,2h,,Briardale Road,,,NE245AL,,Blyth,Northumberland

Lively,Arthur,40,,Hargrave Court,,,NE245TN,,Blyth,Northumberland

Lively,Kenneth,61,,Tindale Avenue,,,NE232BP,,Cramlington,Northumberland

Lively,Leanne,6,,Carmel Grove,,,NE233YR,,Cramlington,Northumberland

Lively,Lee E,6,,Carmel Grove,,,NE233YR,,Cramlington,Northumberland

Lively,Samantha,6,,Carmel Grove,,,NE233YR,,Cramlington,Northumberland

Lively,Valerie,6,,Carmel Grove,,,NE233YR,,Cramlington,Northumberland

Lively,Eric,,River View,Boat          Road,01434220677,,NE482AP,Bellingham,Hexham,Northumberland

Lively,Wendy A,,River View,Boat Road,01434220677,,NE482AP,Bellingham,Hexham,Northumberland

Lively,Ruth,2,,Dover Street,,,NR2 3LQ,,Norwich,

Lively,Debra,,Windrush Tower,Knights Road,,,OX4 5DH,,Oxford,

Lively,Debra,,Windrush Tower,Knights Road,,,OX4 5DH,,Oxford,

Lively,George F,91,,Cuddesdon Way,01865775072,,OX4 5ST,,Oxford,

Lively,Cynthia J,91,,Cuddesdon Way,01865775072,,OX4 5ST,,Oxford,

Lively,Debra,91,,Cuddesdon Way,01865775072,,OX4 5ST,,Oxford,

Lively,Gillian M,25,,Arlington Drive,,,OX3 0SJ,Marston,Oxford,

Lively,Joseph C,25,,Arlington Drive,,,OX3 0SJ,Marston,Oxford,

Lively,Paula D,25,,Arlington Drive,,,OX3 0SJ,Marston,Oxford,

Lively,Sharon,14,,The Avenue,01865439603,,OX331YL,Wheatley,Oxford,

Lively,Keith,14,,The Avenue,01865439603,,OX331YL,Wheatley,Oxford,

Lively,Claire L,1,Goughs Court,Bryn Street,,,SY162HL,,Newtown,Powys

Lively,Kathleen,2,,Hamilton Close,,,SP4 7QT,Amesbury,Salisbury,

Lively,Michael,2,,Audley Avenue,01952404250,,TF107DP,,Newport,Shropshire

Lively,Stanley J,314,,Wellington Street,,,DN327JR,,Grimsby,South Humberside

Lively,Donald E,34,,Brownsfield Road,01543264646,,WS136BX,,Lichfield,Staffordshire

Lively,Marion,34,,Brownsfield Road,01543264646,,WS136BX,,Lichfield,Staffordshire

Lively,Helen R,25,,The Pines,01543256518,,WS149XA,,Lichfield,Staffordshire

Lively,John,130,,Hylton Road,,,SR4 7XT,,Sunderland,

Lively,Ian,1,,Purley Way,,,GU168DG,Frimley Green,Camberley,Surrey

Lively,Maria S,1,,Purley Way,,,GU168DG,Frimley Green,Camberley,Surrey

Lively,John D,173,,Mytchett Road,,,GU166AZ,Mytchett,Camberley,Surrey

Lively,Sara,173,,Mytchett Road,,,GU166AZ,Mytchett,Camberley,Surrey

Lively,Joan,3,,Alexander Road,02086600623,,CR5 3JD,,Coulsdon,Surrey

Lively,Paula D,20,,Sunnymede Avenue,,,KT199TJ,,Epsom,Surrey

Lively,Jillian R,15,,Downs Way,,,KT234BL,Bookham,Leatherhead,Surrey

Lively,Ruth R,2,,Wallingford Close,01793615327,,SN5 8BS,Toothill,Swindon,

Lively,Steven B,2,,Wallingford Close,01793615327,,SN5 8BS,Toothill,Swindon,

Lively,Imelda,47,,Calf Close Walk,01914224248,,NE324HA,,Jarrow,Tyne And Wear

Lively,Maria,47,,Calf Close Walk,01914224248,,NE324HA,,Jarrow,Tyne And Wear

Lively,Martin,47,,Calf Close Walk,01914224248,,NE324HA,,Jarrow,Tyne And Wear

Lively,Christopher,11,,The Hollow,,,NE324QA,,Jarrow,Tyne And Wear

Lively,Rachelle,11,,The Hollow,,,NE324QA,,Jarrow,Tyne And Wear

Lively,Jenny,20,,Exeter Way,,,NE324TT,,Jarrow,Tyne And Wear

Lively,Martin,20,,Exeter Way,,,NE324TT,,Jarrow,Tyne And Wear

Lively,Mary E,13,,Trinity Close,,,NE296BY,,North Shields,Tyne And Wear

Lively,Andrea,156,,Wallsend Road,,,NE297AE,,North Shields,Tyne And Wear

Lively,Victoria L,12,,Blandford Road,,,NE298NU,,North Shields,Tyne And Wear

Lively,Martin,52,,Otterburn Avenue,,,NE259QR,,Whitley Bay,Tyne And Wear

Lively,Susan,52,,Otterburn Avenue,,,NE259QR,,Whitley Bay,Tyne And Wear

Lively,Caroline,30,,Valley Road Business Park,,,NE250LG,Holywell,Whitley Bay,Tyne And Wear

Lively,Mavis S,30,,Valley Road Business Park,,,NE250LG,Holywell,Whitley Bay,Tyne And Wear

Lively,Martin E,46,,Waterloo Road,,,NE259JE,Wellfield,Whitley Bay,Tyne And Wear

Lively,Susan,46,,Waterloo Road,,,NE259JE,Wellfield,Whitley Bay,Tyne And Wear

Lively,Peter,2,,Icknield Row,01789764587,,B49 5EW,,Alcester,Warwickshire

Lively,Barbara F M,2,,Icknield Row,01789764587,,B49 5EW,,Alcester,Warwickshire

Lively,Elizabeth,2,Victoria Way,Victoria Road,,,B50 4AR,Bidford-On-Avon,Alcester,Warwickshire

Lively,Timothy N,2,Victoria Way,Victoria Road,,,B50 4AR,Bidford-On-Avon,Alcester,Warwickshire

Lively,Robert W,24,,Kingsley Crescent,02476491087,,CV129PL,Bulkington,Bedworth,Warwickshire

Lively,Ann E,24,,Kingsley Crescent,02476491087,,CV129PL,Bulkington,Bedworth,Warwickshire

Lively,Stephen R,2,,Montgomery Road,,,CV312TG,Whitnash,Leamington Spa,Warwickshire

Lively,Theresa K,2,,Montgomery Road,,,CV312TG,Whitnash,Leamington Spa,Warwickshire

Lively,Kirsty A,2,,Montgomery Road,,,CV312TG,Whitnash,Leamington Spa,Warwickshire

Lively,Neil,15,,Alcester Road,,,CV376PH,,Stratford-Upon-Avon,Warwickshire

Lively,Richard J,28,,Trevelyan Crescent,01789550457,,CV379LL,,Stratford-Upon-Avon,Warwickshire

Lively,Brennan J,28,,Trevelyan Crescent,01789550457,,CV379LL,,Stratford-Upon-Avon,Warwickshire

Lively,Barbara J,28,,Trevelyan Crescent,01789550457,,CV379LL,,Stratford-Upon-Avon,Warwickshire

Lively,Joan,,Staddle Stones,Welford Road,,,CV378RA,Long Marston,Stratford-Upon-Avon,Warwickshire

Lively,Andrew W,18,,Headland Rise,01789750662,,CV378ET,Welford On Avon,Stratford-Upon-Avon,Warwickshire

Lively,Pamela A,18,,Headland Rise,01789750662,,CV378ET,Welford On Avon,Stratford-Upon-Avon,Warwickshire

Lively,Steven J,18,,Headland Rise,01789750662,,CV378ET,Welford On Avon,Stratford-Upon-Avon,Warwickshire

Lively,Percy G,6,,Headland Rise,01789750040,,CV378ET,Welford On Avon,Stratford-Upon-Avon,Warwickshire

Lively,Anthony R,57,,St Peters Road,,,CV350LF,Kineton,Warwick,

Lively,Kirsty A,14,,Park Piece,,,CV350NT,Kineton,Warwick,

Lively,Stephen R,14,,Park Piece,,,CV350NT,Kineton,Warwick,

Lively,Theresa K,14,,Park Piece,,,CV350NT,Kineton,Warwick,

Lively,Edward J,17,,Ettington Close,01789841107,,CV359RJ,Wellesbourne,Warwick,

Lively,Elizabeth M,17,,Ettington Close,01789841107,,CV359RJ,Wellesbourne,Warwick,

Lively,Christine M,17,,Ettington Close,01789841107,,CV359RJ,Wellesbourne,Warwick,

Lively,David,22,,Southfields Road,,,B91 3PR,,Solihull,West Midlands

Lively,Susan J,22,,Southfields Road,,,B91 3PR,,Solihull,West Midlands

Lively,Hilda M,137,,Marshall Lake Road,,,B90 4RB,Shirley,Solihull,West Midlands

Lively,William C,137,,Marshall Lake Road,,,B90 4RB,Shirley,Solihull,West Midlands

Lively,John G,1,,West View Road,01213292254,,B75 6AY,,Sutton Coldfield,West Midlands

Lively,Kathryn M,1,,West View Road,01213292254,,B75 6AY,,Sutton Coldfield,West Midlands

Lively,David J,149,,Wyatt Road,,,B75 7ND,,Sutton Coldfield,West Midlands

Lively,Tracey D,149,,Wyatt Road,,,B75 7ND,,Sutton Coldfield,West Midlands

Lively,Anne E,19,,Park Street,01924272547,,WF5 0JZ,,Ossett,West Yorkshire

Lively,James T,19,,Park Street,01924272547,,WF5 0JZ,,Ossett,West Yorkshire

Lively,Marjorie,,Aldhelm Court,Southville Road,,,BA151HW,,Bradford-On-Avon,Wiltshire

Lively,Pauline M,2,,Blowhorn Street,01672512562,,SN8 1DD,,Marlborough,Wiltshire

Lively,Fiona E,2,,Blowhorn Street,01672512562,,SN8 1DD,,Marlborough,Wiltshire

Lively,Sarah S,2,,Blowhorn Street,01672512562,,SN8 1DD,,Marlborough,Wiltshire

Lively,Angela,37,,Berryfield Park,,,SN126EE,,Melksham,Wiltshire

Lively,Craig A,37,,Berryfield Park,,,SN126EE,,Melksham,Wiltshire

Lively,Angela,37,,Berryfield Park,,,SN126EE,,Melksham,Wiltshire

Lively,Craig A,37,,Berryfield Park,,,SN126EE,,Melksham,Wiltshire

Lively,Helen C,32,,Westacre Crescent,,,WV3 9AX,,Wolverhampton,

Lively,Philipp W,86,,Compton Road,,,WV3 9PS,,Wolverhampton,

Lively,Margaret M,42,,Spencer Walk,,,B61 0NF,Catshill,Bromsgrove,Worcestershire

Lively,Victoria M,42,,Spencer Walk,,,B61 0NF,Catshill,Bromsgrove,Worcestershire

Lively,Lynne,7,,St Davids Drive,,,WR116AS,,Evesham,Worcestershire

Lively,Paul A,7,,St Davids Drive,,,WR116AS,,Evesham,Worcestershire

Lively,Martin T,,Bean House Cottage East,,,,WR135NP,Cradley,Malvern,Worcestershire

Lively,Eric W,111,,Avon Road,,,WR4 9AH,,Worcester,

Lively,Richard,173,,Skene Street,,,AB101QN,,Aberdeen,

Lively,Patricia,166,,Bon Accord Street,01224587751,,AB116TX,,Aberdeen,

Lively,Patricia,166,,Bon Accord Street,01224587751,,AB116TX,,Aberdeen,

Lively,Chloe,166,,Bon Accord Street,01224587751,,AB116TX,,Aberdeen,

Lively,Deborah J,15,,Lansdown Crescent,,,BA1 5EX,,Bath,

Lively,Matthew J,137c,,Queens Drive,,,MK419JQ,,Bedford,

Lively,Colin J,32,,Coolpark Avenue,,,BT8 6NF,,Belfast,

Lively,Barbara-Ann,18,,Stranmillis Road,,,BT9 5AA,,Belfast,

Lively,Roger,48,,Marlborough Park North,02890809428,,BT9 6HJ,,Belfast,

Lively,Claire,18,,Lipscombe Close,,,RG145JW,,Newbury,Berkshire

Lively,Winifred,93,,Gravelly Hill North,,,B23 6BJ,,Birmingham,

Lively,Suzanne,71,,London Road,,,BN1 8QT,Patcham,Brighton,

Lively,Dorothy J,98,,Coleford Road,,,BS105JN,,Bristol,

Lively,William J,98,,Coleford Road,,,BS105JN,,Bristol,

Lively,Josh,17,,Lower Church Lane,01179277147,,BS2 8BA,,Bristol,

Lively,Patricia A,35,,Fraser Street,,,BS3 4LZ,,Bristol,

Lively,Peter C,,Hillcrest,Reades Lane,01260281340,,CW123PJ,,Congleton,Cheshire

Lively,Sarah E,,Hillcrest,Reades Lane,01260281340,,CW123PJ,,Congleton,Cheshire

Lively,David J T,4,,Beech Holme Grove,,,SK2 5AE,,Stockport,Cheshire

Lively,Helen E,4,,Beech Holme Grove,,,SK2 5AE,,Stockport,Cheshire

Lively,Jennifer E,4,,Beech Holme Grove,,,SK2 5AE,,Stockport,Cheshire

Lively,John,4,,Beech Holme Grove,,,SK2 5AE,,Stockport,Cheshire

Lively,Anthony,32,,Bowden Lane,,,SK6 6ND,Marple,Stockport,Cheshire

Lively,Darren,32,,Bowden Lane,,,SK6 6ND,Marple,Stockport,Cheshire

Lively,Glenis,32,,Bowden Lane,,,SK6 6ND,Marple,Stockport,Cheshire

Lively,Simon,32,,Bowden Lane,,,SK6 6ND,Marple,Stockport,Cheshire

Lively,Stephanie,32,,Bowden Lane,,,SK6 6ND,Marple,Stockport,Cheshire

Lively,Lynn,142,,Ayresome Street,,,TS1 4PE,,Middlesbrough,Cleveland

Lively,Paul,142,,Ayresome Street,,,TS1 4PE,,Middlesbrough,Cleveland

Lively,Kathleen,60,,Homerton Road,,,TS3 8LX,,Middlesbrough,Cleveland

Lively,Julie,4,,Edridge Green,,,TS3 8NA,,Middlesbrough,Cleveland

Lively,Dawn,1,,Edridge Green,,,TS3 8NA,,Middlesbrough,Cleveland

Lively,Stephen,22,,Bruntons Manor Court,,,TS3 8RP,,Middlesbrough,Cleveland

Lively,Sheila,46,,Pinewood Avenue,,,TS4 3BA,,Middlesbrough,Cleveland

Lively,Mandy E,11,,Oatfields Court,01642464014,,TS6 0UB,Eston,Middlesbrough,Cleveland

Lively,Ronald,60,,Cleveland Street,,,TS6 0LU,Normanby,Middlesbrough,Cleveland

Lively,Derek,3,,Stanhope Road,01642602683,,TS184LS,,Stockton-On-Tees,Cleveland

Lively,Catherine M,4,,Lakeside Brae,,,BT319RH,,Castlewellan,County Down

Lively,Daniel J,4,,Lakeside Brae,,,BT319RH,,Castlewellan,County Down

Lively,Bernard J,8b,,Manse Road,,,BT308PD,Seaforde,Downpatrick,County Down

Lively,Colette A,8b,,Manse Road,,,BT308PD,Seaforde,Downpatrick,County Down

Lively,Sarah A,20,,St Patricks Park,02840630862,,BT345UA,Hilltown,Newry,County Down

Lively,Kieran A,12,,Spelga Park,02840638549,,BT345UU,Hilltown,Newry,County Down

Lively,Kieran A,12,,Spelga Park,02840638549,,BT345UU,Hilltown,Newry,County Down

Lively,Tracy B,12,,Spelga Park,02840638549,,BT345UU,Hilltown,Newry,County Down

Lively,Tracy B,12,,Spelga Park,02840638549,,BT345UU,Hilltown,Newry,County Down

Lively,Mary B,31,Lisnamulligan,Mill Road,,,BT345UZ,Hilltown,Newry,County Down

Lively,Mary R,119,,Leitrim Road,,,BT345XS,Hilltown,Newry,County Down

Lively,Patrick G,119,,Leitrim Road,,,BT345XS,Hilltown,Newry,County Down

Lively,Felix,81,,Leitrim Road,02840630877,,BT345XS,Hilltown,Newry,County Down

Lively,Frances M,81,,Leitrim Road,02840630877,,BT345XS,Hilltown,Newry,County Down

Lively,Susan,81,,Leitrim Road,02840630877,,BT345XS,Hilltown,Newry,County Down

Lively,Eugene S,67,,Sandbank Road,02840631023,,BT345XX,Hilltown,Newry,County Down

Lively,Dympna M,67,,Sandbank Road,02840631023,,BT345XX,Hilltown,Newry,County Down

Lively,Anne M,68,,Newry Road,,,BT342EU,Mayobridge,Newry,County Down

Lively,Francis O,68,,Newry Road,,,BT342EU,Mayobridge,Newry,County Down

Lively,Maria B,68,,Newry Road,,,BT342EU,Mayobridge,Newry,County Down

Lively,Patrick F,68,,Newry Road,,,BT342EU,Mayobridge,Newry,County Down

Lively,Paul G,2,,St Annes Park Road,02830851783,,BT342HH,Mayobridge,Newry,County Down

Lively,Paul G,2,,St Annes Park Road,02830851783,,BT342HH,Mayobridge,Newry,County Down

Lively,Deirdre A,2,,St Annes Park Road,02830851783,,BT342HH,Mayobridge,Newry,County Down

Lively,Deirdre A,2,,St Annes Park Road,02830851783,,BT342HH,Mayobridge,Newry,County Down

Lively,Brendan P,7,,Cullion Road,02830851889,,BT342HU,Mayobridge,Newry,County Down

Lively,Teresa C,7,,Cullion Road,02830851889,,BT342HU,Mayobridge,Newry,County Down

Lively,Emmett,9,,Cullion Road,02830851371,,BT342HU,Mayobridge,Newry,County Down

Lively,Marie,9,,Cullion Road,02830851371,,BT342HU,Mayobridge,Newry,County Down

Lively,Mary E,9,,Cullion Road,02830851371,,BT342HU,Mayobridge,Newry,County Down

Lively,Michael J,68,,Crossan Road,02830851648,,BT342HY,Mayobridge,Newry,County Down

Lively,Donal,68,,Crossan Road,02830851648,,BT342HY,Mayobridge,Newry,County Down

Lively,Sara A,68,,Crossan Road,02830851648,,BT342HY,Mayobridge,Newry,County Down

Lively,Peter,27,,Crossan Road,02830851209,,BT342HY,Mayobridge,Newry,County Down

Lively,Leontia,27,,Crossan Road,02830851209,,BT342HY,Mayobridge,Newry,County Down

Lively,John,18,,Crossan Road,02830851648,,BT342HY,Mayobridge,Newry,County Down

Lively,Margaret,18,,Crossan Road,02830851648,,BT342HY,Mayobridge,Newry,County Down

Lively,Noreen E,16,,Crossan Road,,,BT342HY,Mayobridge,Newry,County Down

Lively,Evelyn P,39,,Charlotte Street,,,BT343LF,Warrenpoint,Newry,County Down

Lively,Richard F,5,,Cheviot Close,,,DH2 3TS,,Chester Le Street,County Durham

Lively,Tracey,5,,Cheviot Close,,,DH2 3TS,,Chester Le Street,County Durham

Lively,Freda D,39,,Leopold Road,,,CV1 5BL,,Coventry,

Lively,Anne,16,,Ringwood Highway,,,CV2 2GF,,Coventry,

Lively,Paul T,67,,Daleway Road,,,CV3 6JF,,Coventry,

Lively,Suzanne J,67,,Daleway Road,,,CV3 6JF,,Coventry,

Lively,Anthony J,13,,Chelveston Road,02476598671,,CV6 1PF,,Coventry,

Lively,Bernice M,13,,Chelveston Road,02476598671,,CV6 1PF,,Coventry,

Lively,Karen,13,,Chelveston Road,02476598671,,CV6 1PF,,Coventry,

Lively,Mark W,86,,Parkgate Road,,,CV6 4GD,,Coventry,

Lively,Caroline A,41,,Gospel Oak Road,,,CV6 4GS,,Coventry,

Lively,Lisa,24,,Bartlett Close,,,CV6 6FU,,Coventry,

Lively,Emma L,125,,Weston Lane,,,CW2 5NJ,Basford,Crewe,

Lively,Gary W,,Beaumont,Brookside Road,,,DE215LF,Breadsall,Derby,

Lively,Joanne C,39,,Milford Road,01332840472,,DE564EL,Duffield,Belper,Derbyshire

Lively,Stephen B,39,,Milford Road,01332840472,,DE564EL,Duffield,Belper,Derbyshire

Lively,Eric P,37,,Lea Road,01663744417,,SK222HE,Hayfield,High Peak,Derbyshire

Lively,Joan B,37,,Lea Road,01663744417,,SK222HE,Hayfield,High Peak,Derbyshire

Lively,Jill,,Fingerling Barn,,,,TQ7 2BG,Sherford,Kingsbridge,Devon

Lively,Joshua P,,,Albert Villas,,,DT5 1AB,,Portland,Dorset

Lively,Kate,,,Albert Villas,,,DT5 1AB,,Portland,Dorset

Lively,Maxine E,,,Albert Villas,,,DT5 1AB,,Portland,Dorset

Lively,Philip P,,,Albert Villas,,,DT5 1AB,,Portland,Dorset

Lively,Ruth,,,Albert Villas,,,DT5 1AB,,Portland,Dorset

Lively,Ruth,,Greystones,Coastguard Road,,,DT5 1AD,,Portland,Dorset

Lively,Maxine E,,Greystones,Coastguard Road,,,DT5 1AD,,Portland,Dorset

Lively,Kate,,Greystones,Coastguard Road,,,DT5 1AD,,Portland,Dorset

Lively,Philip P,,Greystones,Coastguard Road,,,DT5 1AD,,Portland,Dorset

Lively,Joshua P,,Greystones,Coastguard Road,,,DT5 1AD,,Portland,Dorset

Lively,Jeanette,51,,Beaumont Avenue,,,DT4 7RG,,Weymouth,Dorset

Lively,Russell V,51,,Beaumont Avenue,,,DT4 7RG,,Weymouth,Dorset

Lively,Chloe,,Andrew Melville Hall,North Haugh,,,KY169SU,,St Andrews,Fife

Lively,Eileen G,5,,Cotswold Road,01242255536,,GL525EL,,Cheltenham,Gloucestershire

Lively,Peggy,9,,Wilson Road,,,GL514SN,Shurdington,Cheltenham,Gloucestershire

Lively,George D,9,,Wilson Road,,,GL514SN,Shurdington,Cheltenham,Gloucestershire

Lively,Richard,36,,Princes Street,,,NP7 5BL,,Abergavenny,Gwent

Lively,Lilian M,44,,Albany Road,01495224931,,NP121DY,,Blackwood,Gwent

Lively,Gillian,49,,Caird Street,01291621358,,NP165DX,,Chepstow,Gwent

Lively,Gillian,49,,Caird Street,01291621358,,NP165DX,,Chepstow,Gwent

Lively,David B,28,,Canon Street,,,NP197FE,,Newport,Gwent

Lively,Joyce M,95,,Sutton Road,,,NP197HS,,Newport,Gwent

Lively,Julie,4,,Charles Street,,,NP4 5HQ,Griffithstown,Pontypool,Gwent

Lively,Peter R,4,,Charles Street,,,NP4 5HQ,Griffithstown,Pontypool,Gwent

Lively,Julie,3,,Thoresby Court,,,BH255UJ,,New Milton,Hampshire

Lively,Paul,15,,Sinclair Drive,01432370005,,HR1 1UE,,Hereford,

Lively,Ian,4,,Nevinson Place,01432357342,,HR1 1UF,,Hereford,

Lively,Simon,11,,Lighton Close,01432352902,,HR1 1UH,,Hereford,

Lively,Mark A,72,,Ethelstan Crescent,,,HR2 7HS,,Hereford,

Lively,Susan A,204,,Three Elms Road,01432263765,,HR4 0RF,,Hereford,

Lively,Rachel L,204,,Three Elms Road,01432263765,,HR4 0RF,,Hereford,

Lively,Joseph H,,Homstead,,,,HR2 6PD,Dinedor,Hereford,

Lively,Joseph H,,Homstead,,01432870482,,HR2 6PD,Dinedor,Hereford,

Lively,Esme E,,Homstead,,01432870482,,HR2 6PD,Dinedor,Hereford,

Lively,Esme E,,Homstead,,,,HR2 6PD,Dinedor,Hereford,

Lively,Percy,,Jubilate,Coldwells Road,01432271881,,HR1 1LH,Holmer,Hereford,

Lively,David J,,Charnwood,,,,HR1 3EY,Marden,Hereford,

Lively,Rosalind,,Charnwood,,,,HR1 3EY,Marden,Hereford,

Lively,Wendy J,7,,Watermill Avenue,01432830039,,HR4 8BW,Wellington,Hereford,

Lively,Peter D,7,,Watermill Avenue,01432830039,,HR4 8BW,Wellington,Hereford,

Lively,Marcus R,174,,Dunmow Road,,,CM235HW,,Bishop's Stortford,Hertfordshire

Lively,Matthew J,82,,Cambridge Road,,,CM219BU,,Sawbridgeworth,Hertfordshire

Lively,Marcus R,82,,Cambridge Road,,,CM219BU,,Sawbridgeworth,Hertfordshire

Lively,Simone M,82,,Cambridge Road,,,CM219BU,,Sawbridgeworth,Hertfordshire

Lively,Maria C,17,,Lock Keepers Court,,,HU9 1QH,,Hull,

Lively,Andrew,3,,Chapel Lane,,,CT2 0AH,Sturry,Canterbury,Kent

Lively,Florence,3,,Chapel Lane,,,CT2 0AH,Sturry,Canterbury,Kent

Lively,Stuart R,41,,Otway Street,,,ME4 5PG,,Chatham,Kent

Lively,Margaret V,12,,Glamis Close,01634682582,,ME5 7QQ,,Chatham,Kent

Lively,Robert G,12,,Glamis Close,01634682582,,ME5 7QQ,,Chatham,Kent

Lively,Christopher,21,,East Street,,,ME7 1EH,,Gillingham,Kent

Lively,Karen L,21,,East Street,,,ME7 1EH,,Gillingham,Kent

Lively,Michael C,21,,East Street,,,ME7 1EH,,Gillingham,Kent

Lively,Jacqueline M,17,,Sidney Road,,,ME7 1PA,,Gillingham,Kent

Lively,Phillip B,17,,Sidney Road,,,ME7 1PA,,Gillingham,Kent

Lively,Doris F,11,,Barkers Court,01795473634,,ME101LW,,Sittingbourne,Kent

Lively,Genene P,17,,Chidley Cross Road,,,TN125BU,East Peckham,Tonbridge,Kent

Lively,Caroline,30,,Jennie Lee Drive,,,ML2 0EE,Overtown,Wishaw,Lanarkshire

Lively,Charles,30,,Jennie Lee Drive,,,ML2 0EE,Overtown,Wishaw,Lanarkshire

Lively,William K,23,,Scott Street,,,BB5 5QQ,Clayton Le Moors,Accrington,Lancashire

Lively,Ann,,Hawthorn Cottage,,,,LA6 2QU,Wrayton,Carnforth,Lancashire

Lively,Ian,,Hawthorn Cottage,,,,LA6 2QU,Wrayton,Carnforth,Lancashire

Lively,Naomi L,42,,Woodvale Drive,,,BB3 1LT,,Darwen,Lancashire

Lively,Mary,,The Conifers,Church Lane,,,FY6 9BZ,Hambleton,Poulton-Le-Fylde,Lancashire

Lively,Mary,,Conifers Nursing Home,The Conifers,,,FY6 9EP,Hambleton,Poulton-Le-Fylde,Lancashire

Lively,Paul,5,,White Platts Street,,,OL145DP,,Todmorden,Lancashire

Lively,John F,62,,Wellington Road,01706813056,,OL145HN,,Todmorden,Lancashire

Lively,Anne M,62,,Wellington Road,01706813056,,OL145HN,,Todmorden,Lancashire

Lively,Wanda J,17,,Barker Street,,,OL145JF,,Todmorden,Lancashire

Lively,Sarah L,2,,Cowfold Street,01706813299,,OL145JJ,,Todmorden,Lancashire

Lively,James A,51,,St Wilfrids Park,,,LA2 6PN,Halton,Lancaster,

Lively,Sandra P,51,,St Wilfrids Park,,,LA2 6PN,Halton,Lancaster,

Lively,Kenneth,49,,Pilkington Road,,,LE3 1RA,,Leicester,

Lively,Tracy A,35,,Vaughan Street,,,LE3 5JN,,Leicester,

Lively,George T A,46,,Samson Road,,,LE3 9RQ,,Leicester,

Lively,Roy D,75,,Pembroke Avenue,01162608953,,LE7 2BZ,Syston,Leicester,

Lively,Jennifer B,75,,Pembroke Avenue,01162608953,,LE7 2BZ,Syston,Leicester,

Lively,Serena A,75,,Pembroke Avenue,01162608953,,LE7 2BZ,Syston,Leicester,

Lively,Steven,,Eaton Grange,,,,NG321ET,Eaton,Grantham,Lincolnshire

Lively,Ann H,74a,,Hereward Road,,,PE111HF,,Spalding,Lincolnshire

Lively,Marian,,Salford House,Seyssel Street,,,E14 3HZ,,London,

Lively,Penelope M,55,,Gibson Square,02073549471,,N1 0RA,,London,

Lively,Adam J,167,,Hemingford Road,,,N1 1DA,,London,

Lively,Ann E,51,,Albert Road West,,,N22 7AA,,London,

Lively,Adam J,110,,Dewsbury Road,,,NW101EP,,London,

Lively,Paul J,25,,Drakefell Road,02076521427,,SE145SL,,London,

Lively,Simon A,93,,Holmesdale Road,,,SE256JH,,London,

Lively,Caran J,93,,Holmesdale Road,,,SE256JH,,London,

Lively,Simon A G,93,,Holmesdale Road,,,SE256JH,,London,

Lively,Caran J,93,,Holmesdale Road,,,SE256JH,,London,

Lively,Gary,,Egerton Court,Margaret Road,,,M34 3BN,Denton,Manchester,

Lively,Charles G,15,,St Anns Road,,,M25 9LB,Prestwich,Manchester,

Lively,Beryl,9,,Carr Avenue,,,M25 9TA,Prestwich,Manchester,

Lively,Ronald C,9,,Carr Avenue,,,M25 9TA,Prestwich,Manchester,

Lively,Charles G,3,,Woodward Road,,,M25 9TX,Prestwich,Manchester,

Lively,Jeanette,143,,Price Street,,,CH413PG,,Birkenhead,Merseyside

Lively,Jeanette A,23,,Dover Close,01516475647,,CH413RQ,,Birkenhead,Merseyside

Lively,Stephen,23,,Dover Close,01516475647,,CH413RQ,,Birkenhead,Merseyside

Lively,Nicola,23,,Dover Close,01516475647,,CH413RQ,,Birkenhead,Merseyside

Lively,Joseph M,11,,Rycroft Road,,,CH444AZ,,Wallasey,Merseyside

Lively,Winifred,11,,Rycroft Road,,,CH444AZ,,Wallasey,Merseyside

Lively,Ellen,12a,,Brookdale Close,01516786214,,CH492QA,,Wirral,Merseyside

Lively,Brenda M,9,,Pollit Square,,,CH621DE,,Wirral,Merseyside

Lively,James T,9,,Pollit Square,,,CH621DE,,Wirral,Merseyside

Lively,Michael,2,,Windsor Close,,,CH491SZ,Greasby,Wirral,Merseyside


Lively Ships

The Lively, a thirty ton schooner operating from New Orleans to Galveston, was fitted out with supplies for a colony of 300 families by Stephen F. Austin and his partner, Joseph H. Hawkins of New Orleans. In late 1821 the ship sailed form New Orleans with approximately twenty colonists, including William W. Little who was in charge of the group, and W. S. Lewis, who later left an account of the voyage. Bad weather blew the ship off course and it took some four weeks to reach its destination. The immigrants had arranged to meet Austin, who had traveled overland from New Orleans, at the mouth of the Colorado but mistaking the Brazos River for the Colorado, landed there instead. The men eventually made their way up the Brazos to higher ground and built a large log house near a waterfall. With their food virtually exhausted, they planted a corn crop, but, failing to meet up with the other Austin colonists, they grew discouraged, and all but two or three eventually made their way back to the United States.


Austin in the meantime waited for the ship at the mouth of the Colorado, and when it failed to appear, assumed it had been lost. The lack of contact between the Lively and the other Austin colonists gave rise to a variety of rumors, ranging from the idea that all had been lost when the ship went down to tales that the passengers and crew had been starved by Indians. Some of the passengers eventually made their way back to Texas and told what had really happened, but the story of the shipwreck and the loss of its passengers, which had quickly spread to other colonies, persisted for many years and eventually found its way into some of the first published histories of the state. After dropping off its passengers and supplies, the Lively sailed back to New Orleans. There it took new supplies and immigrants and sailed for the Texas coast in May or June 1822. This time it was wrecked, on the western end of Galveston Island. Because of the widespread rumors concerning the first voyage, it was again assumed that the passengers were lost, but according to Thomas Marshall Duke, who was on board during the second voyage, they were rescued by the schooner John Motely, which them near the Colorado River. (Lester G. Bugbee, “What Became of the Lively? Southwestern Historical Quarterly, October 1899)




1. Ship, Lively, R. Fenwick, Master, 320 tons, single deck with beams, built in Sunderland, in her 12th year (1811) owned by E. Watt, surveyed in London and destined for Quebec.


2. Brig, Lively, J. Graham, Master, 158 tons, single deck with beams, built in Workington (Cumberland, England), in her 26th year owner Thompson, surveyed in Liverpool and destined for Quebec.


3. Brig, Lively, J. McBride, Master, 115 tons, single deck with beams, built in Ayer, in 3rd year (1811) owned by Cowan & Sons, surveyed in Greenock, destined to Quebec.


4. Lively, U.S. fishing boat. Lost at sea May 1842 off Cape Cod.


5. USS Lively. USS Active, 296 ton tug, was built for commercial use at San Francisco, California in 1888. The Navy acquired her in April 1898 while preparing for the Spanish American War. She was renamed USS Lively in 1918 and remained in service on the U.S. west coast until decommissioned in 1926. The Lively was sold in 1930, when she again became a commercial tug. Charted for World War II Navy service in March 1942 and designated YT-323 (YTM-323 from 1944), she operated in west coast and Alaskan waters. At the end of the War, the tug was returned to her owners. She was finally scrapped in 1963. The photograph is from 1898.


6. The square rigger Lively sailed from England to Canada in 1775 and participated in the Battle of Bunker Hill, Boston. The Lively actually fired the first shot of the battle. (See Battle of Bunker Hill above) The Lively, a twenty cannon Schooner was captured in 1776 by Silas Talbot for the army under General George Washington.


7. The George W. Lively, a liberty ship, Navy Hull # 1954, yard hull #88, was built in the Houston, Texas, Todd Shipyards and launched October 4, 1943.  We know of two crewmembers who served on the George W. Lively. These are Edward P. Anderson, 7/43 to 6/45, and Frank J. Bebak, 1/45 to 3/45.


On June 6, 1944, the 137th Signal Radio Intelligence Company left Perham Downs and was transferred to Dartford, Kent, England, and was billeted at the Bergman Osterberg School (University of Greenwich, Dartford Campus) where, while training for its mission on the continent, it assisted the Civil Defense Services in rescuing wounded and clearing up V-1 bomb damage. On 29 August 1944, the unit left Dartford by vehicles for the port of Southampton, where they boarded the Liberty Ship, GEORGE W. LIVELY and sailed for France on 1 September. Because of bad weather, the unit had to remain on board for a day, then debark via Rhino onto Utah Beach on 3 September. The 137th SRI was then assigned to the 9th U.S. Army with the mission of intercepting enemy radio transmissions, locating transmission sites with the use of direction finders and attempting to locate and identify units and analyze messages. 


The George W. Lively was scrapped in Philadelphia in 1966.


8. In 1831 the British Navy sailed a ship called the Lively to Russia.


9.. Lively, a schooner, operated in the Atlantic in 1863. A model of this vessel can be seen and purchased at http://www.dlumberyard.com/Lively%20home.html


10. The Lively One, a 70 foot sloop spent two seasons racing in the Big Boat Series in San Francisco Bay in the mid 1980's.


Lively Set. The Celebrating the 50’ and 60’s movies, TV and music.  http://livelyset.tripod.com/


Lively Stone Church of God.  Nortonville, Kentucky, 270 676 8223 // Centreville, Illinois, 618 271 2789 // St. Louis, Missouri. 314 772 2127


Lively Technical Center. Tallahassee, Florida.

Training Students for Tomorrow’s Workforce.

Lively Technical Center is Florida’s premier technical training center serving approximately 4,500 students annually. Out 165 faculty and staff members are dedicated to offering quality programs that feature intensive, hands-on training and job placement.


Lea Anna Davis

1 800 499 5452

850 487 7555



Lively, Olds, Cadillac, GMC.

400 N Spur 63

Longview, Texas

903 757 6600


Lively Speedhorse Ranch.

P. O. Box 275

Palestine, Texas 75801


LivelyTimes. Montana’s source for Arts and Entertainment. http://www.livelytimes.com/index.shtml 


Lively Utility. Mark B. Lively, Gaithersburg, Maryland, 20879.  301 428 3618.

Mark Lively provides consulting services on economic issues affecting electric and gas utlities, including rate case issues, contracts with independent producers, power plant certification, utility mergers, and the developing competitive market for electricity and natural gas. He works both as an independent consultant and as a subcontractor to other firms.


Lucy Lively’s Coffeehouse.    At Skidmore College for 25 years. Offers and outlet for student performers as well as national talent. Jazz, blues, bluegrass and rock, as well as the spoken word.  Email Lucy at lvlylucy@skidmore.edu.


Lucy Lively.  Found in the Confederate pension files.

Name: Lucy Lively

County: Albemarle, Virginia

Act of: 1928

Memo: February 18, 1931

Widow of William Pleasant Lively


Lynn Lively Writer. The Procrastinator’s Guide To Success. 254 pages, October 2000.

The book is about daring to take the risks necessary to move forward, working through the worst scenario cases and stop losing precious time.


Lynn R. Lively.

7410 Williams

Houston, Texas 77040

713 849 3672

llively@ev1.net       llively@email.com

25 years of experience in Data Processing, and has done Business, Systems, and Engineering applications. At various times has acted in the capacity of Analyst, Project Leader, DP Center Manager, Manager of Software Development, Systems Administrator, Systems Programmer, Technical Support, Teacher, Technical Consultant, and Applications Programmer.  Conversant in C Basic, COBOL. (2001) 


Mark Lively.   Born 1958, Texas; married Rebecca.

“My father is Dean Lively, born in Elk City, Oklahoma. His father was Harvey J. Lively. I have seen in publications that Harvey J’s father was Milo “Cool” Lively and ended up in Amarillo, Texas. Most of my family is still there, but some of us move a lot, going to Palm Springs, California, the San Francisco Bay Area, Maryland, Chicago, Texas. I graduated from Palm Springs High School at age 16 and went to architectural school at Texas Tech. I worked for an architech in San Antonio for a year after college then got a free plane ticket to Hawaii in 1985. I was hired there and two years later started my own firm. I met my wife, Rebecca, in college and she came out to Hawaii a year later after graduating. I have a 12 year old daughter (September 2001) Hannah, born October 4, 1988. She goes to a girls school, St. Andrew’s Priory, Honolulu.


Mark Lively. Kinsel Ranch of Beaumont, Texas.  A member of the North American Limousine Foundation (cattlemen), NALF.


Mark Lively. Lively-Fulcher Organ Builders of Alexandria, Virginia. A company goal is to build one organ at a time, producing a small number of the highest artistic quality using the finest material available. His company recently installed an organ for the St. Olaf Catholic Church.


Mark O. Lively.  Professor of Biochemistry, Georgia Institute of Technology. 336 716 4674

B.S. Chemistry, Ph.D. Chemistry/Biochemistry 1978.  mlively@wfubmc.edu

The primary focus of his laboratory is on the cellular roles of mechanisms of catalysis of novel proteolytic exzymes involved in the processing and secretion of protiens from eukaryotic cells. 


Matt Lively. Matt Lively creates in oil as well as many non-traditional materials and says his style is determined by the material he’s using at the time. His subjects are simple and the objects are everyday. His guiding influence – suburbia, the inner city and picket fence neighborhoods.


Another factor in his success is the humor that comes through in his art. The artist says that everyone who sees his art mentions the humor, whether it’s silly or dark, and it is a big part of his work.


Growing up in Richmond Virginia, Matt knew at an early age that art was in his future. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Virginia Commonwealth University, and lives in the South with his wife.



Mattie Lively Elementary School.

204 Debbie Drive

Statesboro, Georgia


1 912 764 6271


Mayflower Descendants. Index of Persons Vol. 1-34.

Nancy Lively and Joanna Lively, children of James and Theter Lively; April 5, 1812, Franklin Lively, child of James and Hety Lively – Presbyterian Church of Cape May.


M.C. Lively Elementary School

1800 Plymouth Drive

Irving, Texas  7506



Mark Callister Lively (see Mark Callister Lively listing) was the first teacher at this school, 1890, and owner of the Irving, Texas cotton gin. 


Mitey Lively. (horse) offspring of Olden Times, won the Rare Perfume Stakes and took seconds in the Acorn Stakes and Kentucky Oaks, both grade one events. Time to Roll’s granddam, Lively Mite is a stakes winning grandaughter of Native Dancer, and a sister to Mitomite, dam of the graded stakes winner Dainty Dotsie and granddam of grade one Selima Stakes winner Collins. (Centennial Farms Management Co., Inc. Boston.)




Penelope Lively. Penelope Lively was born in Cairo, Egypt, March 17, 1933. She was sent to England at age 12 to attend school and graduated from St. Anne’s College in 1956. Prior to age twelve she was educated at home with books that were sent from England. She remembers moving from Egypt, “I was then twelve, and I was being shipped to what was called home but as far as I was concerned was not home at all – a mysterious, grey, wet place where it rained all the time . . . I can actually remember wading through snow drifts (indoors) because the snow came in through the broken window – this for a little girl who’d been brought up in Africa.” She still lives in England today with her husband Jack, a professor of politics at the University of Warwick and two children. Her son, Adam, published his first novel at 26, and her daughter, Josephine is an oboist with the London Philharmonic.


Lively began writing prolifically in 1970. Her work is generally concerned with the flow of time, the continuity of past and present, and the relation between history and personal memory. “Perhaps what I’m interested in . . . is the operation of memory, the ways in which the physical world is composed of memory, the ways in which it’s an encumbrance and the ways in which it’s an asset . . . I can hardly decide which it is. But it’s something that I’m constantly aware of and constantly seeing new ways of exploring fictionally.” She tends to gather from her own experiences for her books. The themes of death and loss are also prevalent in Lively’s fiction.


Lively began writing children’s books first, for which her fascination with English History was the foundation. She then made the transition from Children’s to adult literature in the mid 1970’s with THE ROAD TO LITCHFIELD, her first novel for adults. As for Children’s literature, she says, “I just don’t get the ideas anymore, and I’m crowded with ideas for adult writing, so I rather abandoned my children’s books.”


1933 born; Cairo, Egypt

1945 moved to England

1957 married Jack Lively, University Professor

1956 received B.A. from St. Anne’s College, Oxford






1973 Children’s Spring Book Festival Award.

1973 Carnegie Medal for THE GHOST OF THOMAS KEMPE

1973 Hans Christian Anderson Award List








1976 Whitbread Award for A STICH IN TIME

1977 THE ROAD TO LICHFIELD named to Booker-McConnell Prize



1978 Southern Arts Literary Prize for NOTHING MISSING BUT THE SAMOVAR



1979 Arts Council of Great Britain National Book Award for TREASURES OF TIME






1984DRAGON TROUBLE named to Booker-McConnell Prize




1987 Booker-McConnell Prize for MOON TIGER




 Peter M. Lively, J.D., M.B.A.

Peter M. Lively has been licensed in California as an attorney since 1992. He obtained his law degree and a masters in business administration from UCLA in 1992, and his BS in Economics and Business from Carnegie Mellon University in 1988. He is a member of the Financial Lawyers Conference, the Federal Bar Association, the Beverly Hills Bar Association, the Gay & Lesbian Bar Association, the Los Angeles Bar Association and the San Fernando Valley Bar Association. He is listed as a panel member of the Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and San Fernando Valley legal referral service. 1 800 307 3328.


Pierce Lively.

“Pierce Lively was born in Louisville, Kentucky, on August 17, 1921 to Ruby Keating and Henery Thaddeus Lively, a lawyer. He studied at Centre College in Danville, where he graduated Magna cum laude with a B.A. in History and English Literature. From 1943 to 1946 he served in the U.S. Navy and while in the service married his college sweetheart, Amelia Harrington. After the war he studied law at the University of Virginia where he served on the editorial board of the Law Review and received the honors of membership in the Order of the Coif and the Raven Society.”


“After graduating in 1948, he returned to Kentucky. He first clerked for U.S. Sixth Circuit Judge Shackleford Miller, Jr. in Louisville, and then settled in Danville where he practiced law for twenty-two years. In 1958 he formed a partnership with Nelson Rhodes, and together they specialized in litigation, tax law, and business counseling. At one point Lively sat as a special trial judge of the Boyle Circuit Court during the illness of Judge Kendrick S. Alcorn. Aside from his law practice Lively served the community in a number of other ways. In 1952 he joined the Board of Trustees of Centre College and has since been appointed a trustee for life. During the sixties and seventies, he was a member of the biracial Human Relations Council, the Kentucky Commission on Economy and Efficiency in Government, and the Kentucky Judicial Advisory Committee.”


“On September 12, 1972, he was appointed by President Nixon to the Sixth Circuit and served as chief justice of that court from 1983 to 1988. At the time of his retirement Lively noted that a number of cases he had heard were "pacesetting" cases in areas such as abortion rights, affirmative action, desegregation, environmental protection, free speech and separation of church and state. A former law clerk, J. Kevin Buster, characterized Lively as "an old fashioned Republican. He's for the little guy, for individual rights, and established himself as a fiery defender of civil liberties, using his power to restrain governments and religions from forcing themselves on individuals." In Lively's words: "Some of the worst abuses in human history have been committed by governments in the name of religion. Our Founding Fathers wisely understood this and acted to prevent it, in no uncertain terms, in the Constitution."


                  -- Lexington Herald-Leader, A12, January 4, 1998.



Randy Lively. A rancher in Sharon, Oklahoma, producing Lively Ranch Club Lambs, Dorsets, Suffolks, and Speckle-Faced Crosses. All of these are bred at the ranch. For many photos go to:  randylively@hotmail.com


Robert Maclin Lively. Born, Fayetteville, Washington County, Arkansas, January 6, 1855;  Democrat. U. S. Representative from Texas 3rd District, 1910-11; state court judge, 1916. Died, January 16, 1929. Buried at Canton Cemetery, Canton, Texas. Legislator and County Judge. Moved to Texas with family in 1864, settling in Smith County. Attended private schools in east Texas; admitted to the bar in 1876. Married Julia Cannon, November 24, 1878, had four children. Won a special election as a Democrat to fill a sixty-first congressional vacancy caused by the resignation of James Gordon Russell.



Sarah Lively. Named freshman of the year at the University of Missouri, Kansas City November 2000. Sarah is from Chipita Park, Colorado.


Scott A. Lively. Scott is an associate in the firm’s Boston Office where he practices in the Business and Finance Section. He has extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, public and private securities offerings, and Securities Exchange Act reporting and disclosure obligations. Scott advises clients on corporate restructuring, software and Internet development and licensing agreements, and general corporate matters.


Before joing the firm, Scott practiced at another premiere Boston firm where he represented clients in the Internet, computer hardware and software, biotechnology and manufacturing industries.


Scott is admitted to practice in Massachusetts and is a member of the American, Massachusetts and Boston Bar Associations. He received his B.A. magna cum laude from Harvard College in 1988 and his J.D. cum laude in 1992 from Boston College Law School, where he served as Editor in Chief of the Boston College Law Review. From 1992 to 1993, Scott was a  law clerk for the Honorable Francis P. O’Connor of the Massachusetts Supreme Judical Court. He won a Rotary Foundation Graduate Scholarship to study in Kathmandu, Nepal in 1988.





Scott Lively Ministries Defending biblical truth in an age of confusion. Sheridan Assembly of God; P. O. Box 3691; Citrus Heights, CA  95611.


Shaw Lively. Research Manager, Online Financial Services, IDC. Shaw Lively is a specialist in the online investing segment of the financial services industry. Prior to joining IDC, Shaw was Vice President, Business Development Manager for Fleet Bank’s internet  Serices Group, where he led the effort to integrate Quick and Reilly’s online brokerage. He also served as Regional Sales Manager for PNC Brokerage, responsible for the investments and insurance products on 86 branch offices. Holds a B.S. Degree from Dickinson College, an MBA from the University Center at Bingham State University, New York. Mr. Lively also participated in the MIT Sloan School for Executives and recently finished course work in Corporate Entreprenership from Babson College.



Sonja Lively. M.A., R.N., Assistant Professor, Iowa University. Behavorial Nursing Area of Study.

319 335 7056    sonja-lively@uiowa.edu


Stanford Lively Arts.  http://livelyarts.stanford.edu/   Stanford Lively Arts is committed to developing opportunities for creative expression and artistic discovery. As part of a leading university, they are dedicated to dialogue and interaction between artists and audiences of all ages. (Education Programs, Calendar, Education Partners, other).


Susanne Lively Designs http://www.susannelively.com/    Children’s wear for special occasions, holidays and retail.


Tersa Lively, MD. Dr. Lively was born and raised in Rockwood, Tennessee, where she graduated from Rockwood High School and attended Roane State Community College. She then attended the University of Tennessee at Knoxville as well as served in the U.S. Army for 5 years. While serving in the Army, she was stationed in Germany and Alabama. Dr. Lively was part of the Desert Storm effort. Upon her discharge from the Army, she finished her B.S. degree in Troy, Alabama.


Dr. Lively attended medical school at the University of New England in Maine and completed her Family Medicine residency through East Tennessee State University’s Quillen College of Medicine in Kingsport.


She and her husband Gary (who is from Oliver Springs, Tennessee) both enjoy golf as well as anything outdoors and in the water.


The Lively’s are excited about being close to home and look forward to making their home in Crossville.


Dr. Lively began her practice in July 2001. Her practice is located at the CMC Physician Group and the Crab Orchard Clinic. For more information about Dr. Tersa Lively or to schedule an appointment, call 931 456 9434.



Thomas Lively. Born February 14, 1831 in Warwick, England. He was transported to Australia on the ship, Oriental Queen after being convicted of stealing a ham and a coat in 1850. His father was William Lively, mother was Ann Goodman, who was born in 1812.


Brothers; Reuben, Henry, John and William. Sisters; Jane, Emma, Harriet, Ellen, Mary Ann, and Fanny. Emma married George House in 1854 in Warwick, Rueben married Elizabeth King in 1853.


Other members of this family line:

  1. William Lively. Born in Mickleton, Gloucestershire, England about 1710, married Eizabeth in 1738 who was born in 1718. Six children.

  2. Richard Lively. Born February 1750 in Mickelton, Gloucestershire, England. Richards wife was called Grace Freeman. Seven children.

  3. Thomas Lively. Born about 1780 at Hidcote, Gloucestershire, England. Agricultural laborer. Married Mary Neal November 20, 1802 at Quinton. Died July 2, 1838 at Budbrooke, Warwickshire. Buried July 6, 1838 at Warwick, St. Mary. 

  4. Richard Lively. Born about July 1806 at Quinton, Glos. Married Elizabeth Gardner, December 25, 1828 at Warwick, St. Mary. Died 1879.

  5. William Lively. Born about October 1806, Quinton, Glos. Married, Ann Goodman on September 4, 1827 at Warwick, St. Mary. 

  6.  Henry Lively (brother of Thomas Lively who was sent to Australia) immigrated through Ellis Island, USA on July 29, 1892. 


Tim Lively. Tucson, Arizona. Professional knifemaker. Hobbies – Exploring nature and in general having fun in the great outdoors.


Tim’s first knives were made and sold in 1974. He became a full time knife maker in 1992, co-founding the Neo-Tribal Metalsmiths in 1995. He started the Primal Forge School of Knife making in 2001 and is a member of the American Bladesmith Society.       timlively@eudoramail.com


Troy Lively. “He is part of the winning team at Roedown Farm,” according to the Bay Weekly of Deale, Maryland. Troy Lively rode the five year old chestnut gelding, Old Firehouse, to victory in the third race of the John D. Bowling Memorial. Lively, of Phoenix, Maryland, stayed in the pack with his eyes searching for hard ground on the mushy course. At 23, Lively is enjoying what he is doing at Roedown farm.


Wallace MacDonald & Lively Ltd.  An employee owned engineering and surveying firm, and consulting in planning and geometric. Established in 1973, a Maritime Canadian Company.  http://wml.ns.ca/



West Virginia Garden Club - Loretta F. Lively.   Past President 1981-1983 of the West Virginia Graden Club, Inc.; an organization dedicated for the benevolent, charitable, scientific, and educational purposes conducive to the well-being of the community and useful to the public; to study and teach all the aspects of the art of gardening; to help preserve natural resources through protection of wildflowers, birds, forests, streams, scenic areas, and historical and recreational localities.


William A. Lively, Dr.  Dr. William Lively was born in 1833 on Kentucky. He was a physician, statesman, and a soldier. He resided in Hillsborough County during the 1850’s and 1860’s. He served as Clerk of the Circuit Court from 1856 to 1859. As a physician, he practiced medicine both in Hillsborough County and in Kentucky. He was appointed as the Inspector of Elections in 1860, and, in that year, he served as an Assistant Surgeon of the 20th Regiment of the Florida Militia.


During his two years as Clerk of the Circuit Court, Dr. Lively was appointed to also served as Sheriff of Hillsborough County from 1857 to 1858. He was elected to the Board of County Commissioners on December 4, 1867, and then in 1868, he was appointed as the Health Officer for the Port of Tampa, under ordinance Number 24. On May 18, 1868, Sheriff Lively was elected to the Tampa City Council. He spent his remaining years in Hart County, Kentucky.


William M. LivelyDepartment of Computer Science, Texas A&M University

                                  email   lively@cs.tamu.edu/faculty/lively/



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